Best Stories to Write about

The best stories to write about

However, a big premise in itself, a big story doesn't make it. All the best story ideas come from the heart! This is the best approach to the story structure: You may find a story important, but not for your writing goals. I' m not ready to write about my hardest stories.

Best stories I ever written in 2017.

I became a novelist in 2017. Before, I played with the concept of a novel for more than a decad. In order to end 2017 at a high level and prepare for another year of typing, I chose to make a listing of the ten best stories I have written this year (in no particular order).

"My first contribution to P.S. Iove You, on the basis of a beautiful StoreyAdaympt. This was my most widely reading history of the year and also the first to receive an audioversion. "This film is inspired by works of art by one of my best friends: a fantastic narrative about night-beings that live on people' s dream.

"A brief history of a gifted journalist witnessing the decline of printed media. "A not creepy Halloween storyline that''The Man in the Polka-Dot Bow Tie'', that''s built on a StoryA daympt. "I don't usually write nightmares, but this Weekly Knob prompted me to make a twist.

It is a story of distant romance with a clickingbait book that is intended to tempt the reader to read novels. A little bit of satirical about the commercialization of Islam. "A little mob story with an unsuspecting alien, a perilous wife and a growing criminal.

If you write a hundred stories in a year, you will never end up with at least a fistful of stinkles. I am a great supporter of the publication of bullshit, and I have practised what I was preaching in 2017. Thought it would be great to make another listing to commemorate the five hardest stories I've written this year.

When I am not sure whether it is profitable to release a play in 2018, I can look back on these songs and relax: "If Player One Is Not Ready" A kid chooses not to go on an advent. "A soccer-mad teenager gal discovered that her TV could foretell the world.

"A man approaching a TV manager to host a TV show about the theft of caddies. Those five stories are neither as good as the top 10 nor as poor as the ones I just list. I' ve really loved to write them, but they are a little strange.

"Timmy the Invariable Fish" A story about teenager romance and astronomy based entirely on the Aquarium/Aquarius game. I' ve written a Pantotum for no good cause! I' ve also written some one-line poetry for Chalkboard. Thank you to everyone who saw my work in 2017. I am even more thankful to all my readership and authors who have contributed to my stories and help me to make improvements.

To another prolific year of literacy and study!

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