Best Short Story Websites

Best-of-breed short story sites

The Encarta best short story site. This is a shortened list of short story writers that you can find on this page: The submission is made via their website, so check there. Brief, sweet and to the point. Tales nominated for the National Short Story Award.

So what are some good websites for short storytelling?

I' m going to publish my story on several pages in order to throw as broad a net for critic. Unfortunately, there aren't many pages where inventive short storytelling is appreciated, but here are the pages I know you can write your own story. Wadtpad is a paradise for teenagers who like simplified typing and fan fiction, as well as fan fiction and tumblr.

This system is conceived to keep away the garbage books that plague the already named published pages. Merry typing! Thanks for your feedbacks! You will receive personal feedbacks. It is a relatively good site, which allows a quick response. But if the story is good enough, try to submit it to journals.

Shorts have a much better opportunity to be released than poems. Thanks for your feedbacks! You will receive personal feedbacks. How to post and get feedbacks? Would you like to post a story in writing? FictionPress is what I use, which is great for writers who are writing short novels and short films.

I' ve got my work on FictionPress where group can go and publication, but most patron, publication of the different beta-read and those who person a bayillion document are usually those who person tract message to thing around fiftyk speech extend. Thanks for your feedbacks! You will receive personal feedbacks.

Uncertain whether you are related to authoring softwares or websites that offer short feature film prompt and forum discussions. Writer's Digest is quite good if you want to contact other literature experts and get periodic requests for more. I' ve never wrote short novels and I'm superannuated and the wealth of these pages occurred after I've ceased to write or keep up with it, Google it.

Thanks for your feedbacks! You will receive personal feedbacks.

Online reading of short stories

Anyone notice how many places you can get short story reading on-line these days? No. I am speaking of perfect short histories that were previously only found in arcane literature periodicals in libraries. I am amazed by the qualitiy of some of these on-line periodicals and have designed this page to lead others to the best short story pages.

Up until recently, the novel was always my favorite literary genre - after all, I am a writer and rarely reads short novels. Lately, however, I've been reading short novels because I can get through them before my work is over. Short story-telling is sometimes as closely penned as poetic, with excellent and inventive dictions.

On other occasions it's a smart concept that captivates me, as in Charlie Fish's smart story "Death by Scrabble". Every story I see is completely different from any other story I've seen, and I can't always say that about them. I' m still in love with the novel shape - but I have a lot of fun with short story.

But I don't know how many others also find themselves towards the bites sorted bibliography they can spend in an hr or less, but I know that many of my buddies sell their short stories online on sites like Found Media, which is a not a free one.

Single tales on found media costs only 99 Cent, and the qualitiy of the tales is first class. Yet, however, if you are upon a good free place to read short tales on-line, none of the sites below will cost anything. I only post pages that match my particular tastes in literature from page 47, where I buy and post short novels by professionals and aspiring authors.

When you come across a great literature page, or are the site master of one, please get in touch with me using the links and I will take a look at it. An homage to Raymond Carver, Carve tries to publicize excellent literature and to encourage the authors who do so. Literature website that allows members to choose tales on the front page.

This is the first English-language magazine dedicated solely to the publication of German literature. Needed to register to login, but one of the biggest and best free pages for literature. Multiple editions filed on-line, each with at least one short story and one full story that can be read on-line. On this page you will find extracts and full literature from pen prize-winning books.

A purely on-line literature quarter with poems, essay, literature and interview. Fictions, poems and essay in Zouch Magazine.

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