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We work on making your book as good as possible, from the editing of your manuscript to the design of your book cover. Or is it Steve Scott's Authority Pub Academy? You can blog on larger websites that aggregate bloggers or podcasts or whatever. I will find free review sites on the Indie Book Reviewers List. Which are the best rated self-publishing sites?

Self-published with Matador

Since 1999 Matador has been providing writers with a high-quality self-publishing company. As part of Troubador Publishing Ltd., Matador provides a broad spectrum of publishing, selling and selling high-level products and e-books - whether through Print On Demand (POD) or via conventional booksellers.

As a self-publisher, Matador has consciously placed itself as a premium publisher for writers who are serious about bringing their works to the reader via the bookshops, both conventional and non-traditional. It is our goal to produce high standard reading material that the public wants to have. This means in reality that we reject around 25% of the literature and poems we are supposed to be publishing.

Nor do we believe in the manufacture of poorly produced work. We have been publishing at Matador for more than twenty years. Because we want you to be happy with your work, we work with you every single time. More than that, we have a retailing and PR communications division that can proactively advertise your product or e-book; and we have a genuine bookstore distributor (including a selling team) for products and a full global e-book distributor.

We take over as much or as little as necessary for writers whose works we like to release. Ranging from layout, composition and print to promotion and selling (directly and through our agents, Star Books and Agents, Orca Books Services), our goal is to make a product that you are proud of.... and then sell it.

Our writers are offered a number of publishing, sales and service offerings including, but not limited to: E-Book sales world-wide through our unique global sales partner ecosystem. Have a look at our guideline for publishing your own work. Find out about our comprehensive authoring service offering. Please have a look at our self-publication guidelines.

The Matador is a pleasant, open-minded and free of charge consultation is easily accessible.

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