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So my question is, based on your experience, who is the best self-publisher and why? Perhaps the cheapest self-publication package you will find to get your work into the mainstream. Best-of-breed and worst self-publishing services. Bewertet von der Alliance of Independent Authors | Self-Publishing Advice Center. With self-publishing, as Mateja's article shows, most of the money goes to the publishing services, not to the content producers (authors).

Choice of the best self-publishing services: The new 2018 issue

You' d like to know more about self-publishing services, so you must have authored a work. Maybe you are changing from self-publishing to self-publishing, or you have already started publishing yourself and want to research new services that extend your outreach? No matter what your writing needs are, the next step in the evolution of the electronic age is making it increasingly easy to publish a text.

However, publishing an author's words so that they are of value to the reader and reach as many people as possible is more difficult than ever before. Publication is well done in seven different publishing procedures. Which services and support do I need? Many authors write "self-publishing" in a Google query and immediately drown in the results, get stuck in slang or are puzzled as to who does what and who does whom.

It is no wonder that future writers are overtaxed. Certain services are run by individuals who are competent, committed, helpful as well as honest; others are unaware, eager, insensitive and cunning. Do you struggle with the choice between using the path of self-publishing or supported publishing? What makes me aware of good or bad services?

"Though there are shark in literature....[but] this guidebook gives you all the knowledge and information you need to make a comparision. If you are looking for successful self-publishing, comparative buying is indispensable. The watchdog of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) has put together volume 2 of our successful self-publishing franchise "Choosing the Best Self-Publishing Companies and Services 2018".

All you need to know to find the right way of self-publication. Based on referrals from members, alerts from our watchdog services, other communities word-of-mouth and in-depth research, the guide tracks the most important self-publishing services, from individual services companies to parcel services, from large major brands to smaller retailers, from standard vendors to customized services.

The offers are categorized, the rates reviewed, the fee structure itemized, the search criteria searched, the small printed version reviewed and the requirements compared with the experiences of the author who actually used these services. These twenty samples will show you how to make such a self comparison: the good and evil characters you need to look for, the issues you need to ask.

Our goal is to show you all the possibilities you are likely to come across and which services are doing a good work - and why you could prevent others. Especially in a fast changing environment, the guide provides the criterions you can use to rate each authoring work.

That self-publishing guide: Specifies the question you need to ask, whether you want to go directly, use trading publishing as a business or rent a full pack. Provides the ALLi's Code of Standards by which all services are evaluated. Assesses some of the new ways to publish, such as collaborative authoring, crowdsourcing, agentless self-publishing, numerical impressions and publishing hybrids.

Every year, ALLi's Watchdog updates this document so that all information is up to date. All you need to know to take advantage of the creativity and full scope of self-publishing. A free e-book copy of this self-publication guidebook (and all our other e-learning guides) is available to members of ALLi.

Simply go to the ALLi Member Zone to get a PDF, MOBI or ePub copy. They publish their guidebooks and guidebooks via their independent impressum and work with writers and business people to help them reach their self-publishing objectives.

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