Best self Publishing Ebook Sites

Best-of-breed self-publication Ebook Sites

I think Smashwords is the best option for book buyers. Most self-published authors still buy most of their books from Amazon, so you can't avoid this platform. Barnes and Noble's Nook are published by A highly praised guide for self-published authors, fiction and non-fiction.

I've searched so many self-publishing websites and blogs.

Which is the best site for the sale of self-published eBooks and other auctions?

If it comes to the sale of self-published eBooks, the first and most important site that comes to mind is Kindle eBook Shop. But authors can profit greatly if they also go through other alternatives, and not just Amazon, to further expand their outreach. These pages are a good set of pages for you to look beyond the Amazon Kindle Store:

Script hosted page: Scribd can be a good choice if you are a salesperson who operates from areas in the UK, the United States, Canada and Australia. You can also use the PayPal cookie to make sure that your purchases are processed properly. Cobo Writing Life: obo is a do it yourself publishing site that provides extensive functions for self-publishers.

By publishing on Kobo you can include your works in their general catalog. Kobo also assists a self-publisher in the conversion of their manuscripts (to PDF or Doc) into eBooks. The eBook publishing page was created by Barnes & Noble. Now, this is important because you get to access out to their web hosting portals all over the earth.

Like described above, you can always advertise your eBooks immediately anytime. Lulu is therefore a good choice for many eBook publishing houses. Payment Publisher: PayHip's key benefit is that PayPal is the key actor behind it. Therefore all Paypal payment can be made.

They can advertise their book on PayHip and via Facebook, Twitter etc. with their own easy to use package. It has a free of charge feature to make your work with all popular eBook reading devices. But you can get more readership for a small charge of your per sales charge.

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