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The best script schools

MFA in the script. The New York University's Tisch School Of The Arts - Certificate in Dramatic Writing: The Emerson College Certificate Program for Screenwriters. The Boston University School of Communications - MFA in screenplay.

10 top academic programs for prospective scriptwriters

Featuring the nation's best screenwriting programmes, this update has been reworked from the very famous source, first released on December 20, 2008. Whether or not you want higher learning is often discussed by those who enter the movie theater. Pursuing these paths therefore constitutes an intrinsic pecuniary hazard, not to speak of the barriers to selection and commitment to a programme.

There are also clear stimuli that encourage tens of millions of film undergraders to take this chance every year. In particular, these benefits involve a disciplined work setting, network with prospective employees and input from colleagues and teachers throughout the work. In addition, there are a number of increasing choices for prospective scriptwriters to better meet their objectives and needs.

Browse The Independent raises 10 of the most remarkable degrees, and non-grade, to consider career opportunities for prospective scriptwriters below: The University of South California is regarded as one of the most prestigious colleges in movie making and is a powerful choice for the up-and-coming writer who wants to honor his CV while establishing relationships with the best writers, producers, directors, producers and studio in the Los Angeles moviemakers.

Every autumn, only 30 USC undergraduates and 32 graduates are chosen to receive the small, workshop-like grades that are at the heart of each program's syllabus. Remarkable graduates are George Lucas, Ron Howard and Jon Landau. This postgraduate programme provides the student with a set of story telling techniques and preparation to create convincing character tales and strengthen the story through an Aristotle three-act-structures.

Graduates can count on leaving the programme after two years with an inventive, half-hour TV show Bible for pilots and serials as well as a finished script for a professionally designed film. As the MFA at the University of California, Los Angeles, is also one of the most renowned postgraduate programmes for screenwriters, the prospective writer can find even more reasons to follow his economic alternative: the Non-Credit Profess. in Screenwriting.

For a period of three fourths, participants take part in a week-long course of lectures and an eight-person screenwriting seminar. Two full-length scripts for the students' portfolios are the culmination of the week' s work. With a $5,500 programme charge, the personal focus of your age group and pros, and prospective relations that are encouraged, this programme is a highly competive and convenient choice for the writer.

The student can select whether to take the Professional Program in Screenwriting on or off-site to create a practical choice for those who need greater schedule agility or want to do a daily paper. Remarkable graduates are Francis Ford Coppola, Eric Roth (Forrest Gump) and David Koepp (Spider Man).

There are only six MFA screenwriting graduates each year at Florida State University's Colleges of Motion Picture Arts, one of the country's most prestigious colleges of cinematography. The university' s student body has won more than 2,000 honours, distinctions, prizes and presentations at home and abroad.

Like the name of the College of motion-painting arts says, screenwriting is grounded in film-making. In the first term, they are immersed in a strict education in manufacturing on the basis of the principle that "the work of a winning author is shaped by his or her own expertise and expertise in production", as it says on his or her website.

Lectures in film analysis, London Theatre for Film and Playtwriting for Film are held in London for their second year. In the second year, this emphasis shifted to TV, literature and the arts pages. The programme leaves the student with a complete programme comprising several brief scripts, four full-length scripts, a TV driver and a one-act film.

What makes this programme so special, however, is the continuous assistance, mentoring and networking provided by the group. Remarkable graduates are Ron J. Friedman (Brother Bear), Josh Tickell (Fuel) and David Robert Mitchell (It Follows). Whereas the largest movie industry in the USA can still be found in Los Angeles and New York City, Boston has recently experienced an increase in the independant movie and TV-market.

Emerson College's School of Visual and Media Arts has a Screenwriting Certificate Program for prospective East Coast scriptwriters. The certification is available for those who attend two necessary training sessions and one optional training session. Election work shops offer, among other things, the opportunity to work on a screenplay with a supervisor from the department, or the opportunity to acquire knowledge of key corporate strategy for success in this area.

Remarkable graduates are Anna Hamilton Phelan (Amelia), Kate Boutilier (Rugrats) and Alex Tse (Guardian). The NYU's Certificate in Dramatic Programming programme will all be launched in the course of a year or two consecutive mornings. In the first half, the focus is on the development of five detailed storyline concepts, one of which serves as the foundation for a script.

It is from there that the student can select their last two compulsory classes according to their interests in dramaturgy, half-hour dramas, one-hour TV dramas or skitching. With a full-length script and two other plays focusing on the electives selected, a pronounced sense of personality, motivations and conflicts emerges.

Remarkable graduates are Donald Glover (30 Rock), Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games) and Alexa Junge (The West Wing). One of the most select movie schools in the USA, the American Movie Institute in Los Angeles is offering a two-year conservatoire programme "to imitate the real life of a screenplay writer", it says on its website.

The Fellows start their first year familiarizing themselves with the manufacturing processes. At the same it spends its to write brief scripts, one of which is later extended to the length of features. In their second year, the Fellows write for TV or for film. Highpoints of this programme are the working closely with Producing and Directoring Fellows to carry out their work on the monitor, a face-to-face workshops with a member of the department and links to the industrial sector in the Los Angeles Principal Center.

According to the school's website, 81 per cent of graduates work in this area. Remarkable graduates are David Lynch (Blue Velvet), Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) and Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can). The Loyola Marymount's Film and Television Academy is extending its screenwriting programme to three years.

During the first two years the emphasis is on the writing of scripts, while the third year supplements the study with work. As well as this extra year, the school's website announces five key features of its programme. This includes small classes, possibilities for industrial relationships, college and college graduates from different education levels, a key Los Angeles campus, and high ranking levels in comparison to other schools in the state. However, these characteristics do not seem incompatible with the schools contained in this document.

Until the end of three years, they are ready to start working in the business or at a festival with a minimal selection of three full-length scenarios and two TV shorts. They may also find a good excuse to take part in the school's work placement programme, which will lead to a freshman meeting at the Writers Guild of America.

Remarkable graduates are James Wong (American Horror Story), Winifred Hervey (The Cosby Show) and Melissa Blake (Criminal Minds). Chapman University's two-year syllabus is designed to provide pupils with the competency to develop round character, develop a storyline that ranges from principal suspense through climax to dissolution, and develop basic and narrative abilities - while promoting the student's unmistakable intonation.

With scriptwriters guiding them, the student writes contents in a wide range of shorts and long forms, TV episodes and new medias. Remarkable graduates are Andrew Knauer (The Last Stand), Matt Duffer and Ross Duffe (Stranger Things) and Ben York Jones (Like Crazy). Based in Austin, Texas, the two-year (including a summer) MFA in Screenwriting at the University of Texas is cultivating student story telling for both TV and theater.

Accredited with only seven enrolled undergraduates per year, the programme maximises the amount of individual support available and is competing with comparable fees charged by publicsector colleges across the country. The graduates write three full-length scripts in central scriptwriting studios, complemented by the necessary film history, production for authors and adaptation classes. Other special aspects of this programme are the simplified possibilities for internships in Los Angeles and a TV-Writers Room, in which the student is accommodated in a working TV-writers' room with an experienced Hollywood show runner.

Remarkable graduates are Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom), Abhijat Joshi (Lage Raho Munna Bhai) and Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused). Georgia's emerging movie business is becoming more and more profitable. The University of Georgia last year launched a new two-year MBA program for prospective scriptwriters in line with these developments.

The website says this programme is perfect for "TV authors who want to explore new and innovative ways - far beyond the half-hour long comedy or the hours of drama". "Each 15-week term programme begins with a challenging eight-day stay on site with write shops, everyday seminaries and handicraft presentations as well as podium discussion by trade visitors from the sector.

The student then returns to their home municipalities to take the correspondence course components of this term. Whilst the programme is still too new to cultivate remarkable graduates, it provides potential undergraduates with a different pedagogical angle through the mix of residence, mentoring and on-line schooling.

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