Best Screenwriters in Hollywood

Hollywood's best screenwriters

Since film is such a commercial medium, heavy literary works are rarely produced in Hollywood. The Writer | The West Wing. Hollywood's top 10 screenwriters Wherever a film becomes a blockbusters success, the actor and director whose talent has made an impression on the audience when they sit in front of a cinema canvas. Whoever is responsible for the conception of this premonition is the writer.

Many of the most remarkable words that have been read by people like Clarke Gable, Marlon Brando, Rita Hayworth or even Arnold Schwarzenegger since Hollywood's beginnings in the 1920s have only been made possible by excellent texts. His is based on the fundamentals of written excellence many illuminated career in the movie business are underway.

There are 10 of the best screenwriters who have ever worked in the movies: Though more known for his direction, Richard Linklater has made films that have defied and broke the Hollywood custom. He has not yet won an Oscar, but Logan has been shortlisted three time for his work in "Gladiator", "The Aviator" and "Hugo".

In 2017, Logan will work with Ridley Scott again and write the screenplay for Alien: Covenant. Robert Towne is best recalled with a 4 decade long carreer when he wrote the screenplay for Roman Polanski's neo-noir movie "Chinatown". It not only helped Jack Nicholson get his 4th Oscar nominee, but also permitted Towne to leave the Kodak Theatre with the Oscar for best original play.

From that victory in 1975, reviewers and filmmaker Towne's script have celebrated as one of the best illustrations of filmmaking as well. In terms of the script or one of the important tasks behind the scenes, the number of female actors is still seriously under-represented, although there has been a sharp decline in the relationship between the sexes in recent years.

Shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Silkwood and Sleepless In Seattle, Ephron's most favorite and favorite work is the famous When Harry Met Sally. Unfortunately, Hollywood will no longer be able to use their service. Zaillian was recruited in 1985 for his first paperwork and is in charge of some of the best screenplays ever made.

From" Gangs of New York"," The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" to" Moneyball" - Zaillian's most excellent work was created in collaboration with the movie producer Steven Spielberg when he was writing the screenplay for" Schindlers Liste". As well as taking home the Oscar for the best adapted screenplay, Zaillian's movie, which was rated "culturally significant," was also chosen for conservation in the United States National Movie Registry.

Schindler's List" ranks eighth on the American Film Institute's 100 Best American Films of All Times ranking. But if there is another skill he has in the field of film making, then his script is not quite so far away. Famous for his postmodern approaches to film, supported by philosophy, sociology and ethics, this has resulted in ground-breaking tales that have contributed to the popularity of "Inception" and "Memento", for which Nolan was shortlisted for the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

Nolan's directing and scriptwriting also featured prominently in Heath Ledger's Academy Award-winning as The Joker in "The Dark Knight" - acclaimed as one of the best superheroes movies of all time. But after a very small amount of achievement, the New York-born turned to letter, and from then on Sorkin never turned back.

Renowned for his unprecedented capacity for entertaining, gripping and engrossing dialog, Sorkin won his first Oscar in 2011 for his work in David Fincher's "The Social Network" - a film that documents the story of Facebook founding director Mark Zuckerberg. Sorkin' s performance portfolio also included the composition of the screenplay for "A Few Good Men" and the development of the icons of the political tragedy "The West Wing".

Sorkin is currently giving a special course in literature for everyone who wants to become an equivalent scriptwriter. Known for his collaboration with Samuel L. Jackson and Tim Roth, along with his obscure grasp of humour, Tarantino has moved far away from his peers since his break into the Hollywood scene in the 1980s.

Loved for the Kill Bill and Inglorious Bastards franchises and the second Oscar for Unchained, Tarantino became one of the main protagonists in Tinseltown for his Pulp Fiction. Commended for its self-reflexiveness, non-conventional texture and comprehensive use of tribute and pastures, "Pulp Fiction" was shortlisted for seven Oscars, with Tarantino being awarded for the best original script and being regarded as one of the main impacts of post-modernism.

The film was meritoriously chosen for conservation in the United States National Film Registry in 2013 because it is "culturally, historically and esthetically significant", which Tarantino still is. Coppola dictatorship's master, the qualities and esteem this familys contribution to Hollywood is based on the great shoulder of Francis Ford Coppola.

The name of the director, who made his first movie in 1962, became a synonym for "The Godfather", a novel by Mario Putzo, who transformed Coppola into a story. Following successive Oscars travels, both movies were chosen for conservation in the United States National Movie Registry.

If you are a follower of Woody Allen's dubious lifestyle decisions (he marries his own stepdaughter), it is undeniable that the Brooklyn-born writer is one of the best of the best showmen. He is regarded as one of the best humourists of all times, his slave stick and his self-ironic attitude to European art cinema and its influence have made him one of the cornerstones of the "New Hollywood" movement of film-makers.

Millennials know him best for Midnight In Paris, Match Point and Blue Jasmine, but in a carreer that began in 1965, his best works included Annie Hall, Manhattan and Stardust Memories, to name but a few. He has won an Oscar 16 films each year, 4 of which were awarded the prize for the best original script.

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