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We' ve got many bestselling authors and our books often lead the Amazon charts. There is no better place to browse than the publisher itself. Bestseller initially rejected | Official website. Everyone rejects it, including Random House, who released it. Specialist in music rights (US).


Best independent publishers in London

Since Gutenberg's invention of mobile letterpress in 1455, which made it possible to distribute literature in Europe, a long period of history has elapsed. Today, it is not as uncommon and costly as it was then, but it is still a valuable commodity. In this way, many editors put their preference and knowledge into the production of small works of art.

Faber & Faber, formally borne in 1929, has released some of the most well-known UK books such as William Golding's Lord of the Flies. And not to speak of the fact that the icons of T.S. Eliot were editors at this publishing group. She is still known today for her outstanding achievements in the fields of novels, dramas, poetry, books for non-fictions and children's books.

This relatively young publishing company aims to get closer to the act of literacy by combining cutting-edge typing with good-looking items and surprising design. The Visual Edition publication offers a completely new reader to you. Oportobello Book began in 2005 as a publishing company, thanks to the work of philanthropist Sigrid Rausing, Oscar-winning Oscar winner Eric Abraham and Philip Gwyn.

A year later, Sigrid Rausing purchased Granta Magazine and Granta Books and amalgamated the two businesses. Belletristic books, both originals and translations, as well as non-fiction on modern topics and interesting historic epochs. Established by Gary Budden and Kit Caless in 2011, East London-based Influx Press is focused on geographies.

She has published everything from uncharted areas, travelogues, poetic inspirations from pendulum movements to a reflection on the places in which we are living. Kremer's love of essay prompted him to found Notting Hill Edition, a publisher specializing in non-fiction work. Among the publishers are Jon Day, whose Cyclogeography: The Cyclogeography:

The Journeys of a London Bicycle Courier was released in 2015, Phillip Lopate's compilation of one-on-one portraits Portrait Inside My Head and Things I Don't Want to Know, and Deborah Levy's answer to Orwell's Why I World. The Notting Hill Edition also includes articles by non-contemporary authors such as Barthes, Debord and Woolf.

In The Margins is an angular publishing company that began 10 years ago as a readership in South London. Its genre spectrum ranges from poesy to inventive non-fiction books, all of which are characterised by innovation and experimentation in the field of typography. Among the writers released by In The Margins is Ross Sutherland, a well-known English language writer.

Asked in 2007 about his first released work, Charles Boyle said: "Otherwise it will never find a home". He has now become a top -notch editor and CB Editions has won several literature prizes. Among others Agota Kristof's novel The Notebook, May Lan-Tans Things to Make and Break and David Markson's This Is Not a Novel are on the publications listing.

The minimalist designs of this book make it easily recognizable: the book is imprinted with a cover and author's name. Fitzcarraldo was founded in 2014 by Jacques Testard, the former publisher of Notting Hill Editions, and is called after one of Werner Herzog's most catchy figures.

Every book has a slender, minimalist look, the only color changing factor being color: navy for literature, whites for non-fiction. Her most remarkable new releases are Dan Fox's lengthy pretentiousness and second-hand time, from 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature laureate Svetlana Alexievich.

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