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The Osprey is a British publisher specialising in military history. Publish your book today with Create & Self! Next reader will say it's the best book you've ever read. ALL-PURPOSE MUSIC PUBLISHING GROUP UK.

Courses of study offer a complete overview of the publishing supply chain and often offer the opportunity to complete an internship with a publisher.

The Top 66 Mobile Game Publishers in 2018

When you are a developers of cell phone games, working with a cell phone games editor is something you absolutely must consider. Cell phone games publishers can help you in so many more ways than you can think of for a portion of your game's earnings, and when you decide which one to go with, you need to consider more than just the distribution of winnings.

Lots of designers like to own the whole cell phone gameplay chain, from design to delivery. But editors of cell phone games can take your games with them and take them to new levels, and in most cases you will end up profiting so much more than if you had left alone.

MGPs provide expert knowledge in the areas of distrubution, monetisation, app stor optimisation, branding, internationalisation, localisation, promotion, PR, social communication and even communication/monetisation. Research and see what's best for your play and your workstyle. All of the following are publishers of cell phone titles and release third-party titles.

Nevertheless, the criterions are different for each individual and some are more selective than others (e.g. It may be less likely for large incumbent publishers to work with small independent publishers, but it is not impossible). You will find the best way for any business to get in touch with them when it comes to releasing your games.

Here is a complete listing of the 66 world's leading publishers of cell phone games, both for businesses and for the independent industry, in 2017. "ElectronicArts is a company that puts our gamers first and we are looking for the most gifted and imaginative games designers in the business to help us become the world's number one provider of wireless games.

With 17 thrilling venues around the globe and a range of blockbusters featuring SimCity BuildIt and The Simpsons, our wireless workforce is expanding rapidly: Today, Activision Blizzard is the world's most popular enterprise for engaging interactivity, creating and releasing video and audio content built on the world's most popular gaming brands such as Call of Duty®, Destiny, Skylanders®, Guitar Hero®, Word of Warcraft®, StarCraft®, Diablo and Hearthstone®: Hearthstone®: Warcraft?

We are one of the FORTUNE'100 Best Companies To Work For®' in 2016 and a member of the S&P 500. "A leader in gaming development and publishing, Playlab has evolved from a fistful of avid players to a group of 100 or more fans who want to work with Facebook to develop the best gaming for your iPhone and Android app.

"We at GameHouse believe it's good to be playing. That' s why we are committed to a unique mission: to enhance life through fun activities and experience that everyone loves to have. "We' re Gameloft and our biggest award is that 2.8 million new Gameloft titles are downloading every two years.

We are making our dreams of offering cell phone gaming to the whole world with our range of award-winning software come true. "The PlayPlayFun LLP is a free online gaming company that is looking to work with the world' s most gifted gaming professionals to develop high-quality gaming and take advantage of our in-house cross-promotion, application stores with apps, reviewsites, and vibrant communities.

"Mini-clip is one of the world's leading providers of electronic gaming. It designs, releases and sells exciting and exciting gaming products to an audiences of 200 million activists per month on various forms of media including mobiles, communities and websites. "Whale Hipster is looking for external collaborative play and team opportunities and calls the release the "natural next step" for the game.

It focuses on the search for highly qualified creatives with the capability to bring traditional methods to commercial markets. "Working with independent gaming companies, Digital Tribe ensures that their gaming products achieve their full potentials. Drawing on many years of gaming expertise, the Digital Tribe staff can offer connectivity and commercial coverage to bring high-quality gaming to markets around the globe.

"Surprise Attack was founded in July 2013 and is an independent Australian brand. We' re ardent helpers who help great designers put great gaming in the hands of gamers around the world. In 2005, Adult Swim teamed up with Midway Gaming to start developing Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brak Show and Sealab 2021 game series.

"Founding its On-line Game Business Division in 2001, NetEase has been recognized as a leader in the industry for independently researching and developing on-line gaming and is the premier independently researching and developing organization in China. "Created in 1990, team 17 is an award-winning, internationally recognized game brand and designer based in the UK.

"A prizewinning creator and creator of on-line titles. As one of the leading companies in the free-to-play MMO business, the enterprise offers genuine gameplay and service for PCs, consoles and in-the-cloud. Wargaming has 18 years of playing history, bringing gambling to all important markets and working with some of the biggest names in the business.

"`FDG Entertainment is a manufacturer and publisher of software products for Mac, Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Wii, PC, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, and Android. We have a vast gaming engineering background, have outsourced more than 50 outsourcing assignments from beginning to end and have worked with many big players in the gaming world.

"We' re a group of seasoned gaming manufacturers, developers and marketers committed to the creation and release of gaming on the iPhone, Android and other mobile devices. "Making great casino and online casino puzzles is what we're known for and what we value! We are one of the most rapidly expanding players in the gaming industry in Russia, thanks to our expertise and our know-how in the right position of products.

"PikPoker is a premier editor of funny and hooked gaming for smartphones, tablets and desktops. We' ll provide you with great matches wherever and whenever you want, from the stop to the lounge. "RENTATUS is a premier publishers of mobiles and online gaming with nearly 40 case study successes and over 52 million live players on the world's most populare application forums.

"Headquartered in Irvine, California, Armor Sports is a website offering free Flash-based browsergames for a multitude of different browsers, such as point and click adventures, arcades, puzzles and MMO-players. "Every fortnight TabTale produces new weekly add-ons for the whole team. Recognised as Top 10 Game Publisher, TabTale applications have been released over 1.

"10 years ago, Jim and Emily Greer founded Kongregate with the mission of providing an open forum for independent gaming with a keen sense of social outreach. From the very beginning, Kongregate has always focused on fair and honest interaction with our team. That means great gaming for our gamers and a dedicated crowd for our designers.

"The FGL makes your application more popular. FGL's many years of working with dozens of thousand handset designers and publishers gives them unmatched visibility into the way they market and monetize handset applications. And, with the FGL Enhance patent Enhance service, designers can deploy and maintain the best third-party application support without integrating an SSDK.

"The Nova Group is a young and fast expanding company that publishes cell phone titles for a wide range of people. Nova Gaming, an established 2014-based global publishing company, primarily designs and markets cell phone gaming for the free to play market (F2P) of iPods and Android devices. The Ru Group staff consists of the best game production experts.

Our expertise allows us to accompany the design of the product at every phase - from conception to market introduction. We' re confident that great matches will be played in those passionately involved in developing processes. Publishers adopt an individually tailored attitude towards each and every one of our developers.

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