Best Poetry Websites

The best poetry websites

This is the largest poetry website in the world. Chicago Poetry Center. The National Federation of State Poetry Societies. These are the best poetry pages.

More than a decade of the best poetry websites

The National Opinion Research Center (NORC) in the USA carried out a poll on the Poetry Foundation's instructions back in 2005.

They found that over a third of men and almost two third of those reading for fun are poetry-using. Poetry users" is an embarrassing word that refers to those who hear or write poetry, or both. Those figures sound quite impressing, but remember that the poll was only conducted by those who have already been reading for fun - and unfortunately we are already a part of the general people.

Looking at the US people as a whole, according to a 2002 poll, only three out of twenty adult writers are reading or listening to poetry. You may want to bear in mind the fact that 99% of "non-poetry users" in the NORC poll said that they encounter poetry in their everyday life - in traffic, at rituals, in the press and so on - and about two third have read/listened to and liked these poetry, before the writers retreat among us to describe the state of poetry in depressive haikus.

To put it briefly, when poetry creeps up on humans, they have fun! I like to come across poetry myself, but I seldom pick them, and when I do, it's mainly to find old favourites again. When it comes to the review of poems, they don't bother me most of the times, because my approach to shape is summarized by the well-known quotation of Joan Didion:

" It' as if poetry critics are part of a personal society that I'm not privately involved in; to keep my distance and to talk about terminology that I don't really get and honestly don't want to talk about. In all of this, I had serious doubt about blogging about poetry websites when there were so many better suited than me to do so; but then it came to my mind that maybe I had a prospect to provide, just because I was not a poetry inside. At the Poetry Foundation we have a large collection of poetry backed up by extensive biographic information. If you are looking for quotations, texts for an almost forgot track, a favourite poet or new writers, this enormous ressource of over 800,000 verses and 80,000 writers will supply the goods.

Subscribe to get the daily poetry by e-mail and, once you have created your free affiliate card, catalogue your favourite poetry for later use. is an affiliate of the Academy of Artists. It may seem a little less inviting at first sight than the two pages already referred to, but when I began to dig into its resource, not least are the very chilly US local maps, which include biographies of the most important writers, poetry festivals, poetry-friendly bookshops and poetry story.

National Poetry Month has been initiated by the Academy of African poets, so they are a good source for that too. The Poetysociety. org is the website of the Poetry Society of America - the oldest poetry organisation in the USA, which was established in 1910. It' a memberships organisation is not much for a casual visitor like me, but if I was someone who just living and breathing poetry, and especially if I was a high student who felt that nobody else in the worid was interested in poetry, the way I do, I think I would find many free articles on poetry and interviewing to spur me on.

Poetry 180. Library of Congress's Poetry 180 website is an encouragement for school children to write a poetry every single second. Poetry 180 I found a reassuring place, especially because it is restricted to only 180 brief verses carefully selected by former poet prizewinner Billy Collins. You can find poetry by religion/faith here.

There is a particularly fascinating section entitled Poetic Scryers, in which you will find a selected collection of writers who "inspire and enlighten mankind to look beyond the everyday and take a look at the hereafter". Anyone who notices a shortage of feminine representations in the visionary class (only the one) will find elsewhere women writers like Hildegard von Bingen and Julian von Norwich in the Christendom section.

In contrast to small kids, many would say that poetry should be listened to and not seen. It is the aim of the Poetry Archive to make poetry available to a broad public, as well as to make it entertaining and pertinent. It is a thrill to listen to poets like W.H. Auden, John Betjeman, T.S. Elliott, Robert Graves, Rudyard Kipling and Siegfried Sassoon read their own works, even though some of the records are unfortunately a little brief and sizzling.

I particularly liked the fact that many of these renowned writers have been able to write their own work without attracting what I consider a particular "poetic voice" - that significant, overemphasized sound that many (including myself, I might add) make when poetry is spoken.

It' a little like digging through the poetry searching option to find poetry, but once you do, you'll find a true celebration of writers alphabetized, and of course, if you have a particular writer or verse in mind, you can look for names. I see the translation area as the main focus of modern poetry.

Or, better said, if it is well done, we have a tendency to miss it because the best translator channels the author's words so smoothly from his mother tongue that we don't have to worry about the transformation that took place. There are beginner and intermediate boards - the only requirement is that you criticize at least one of the poems in the board before publishing your own work.

To compare: is enormous with a great deal of involvement. org attracts at most a few commentaries, but the response is reflective and informative; while turns to enthusiasm and superficiality - for example, a poetry had 35 commentaries, but the longest review was 12 words.

So while is without doubt the more proactive of the two pages and the simplest to browse for a first visit when you are looking for essential feedbacks from which to teach Poem. org seems to be the more powerful one. Hopefully you liked this poetry website trip.

We would like you to tell us your favourite poetry websites, either by posting a comment below or by taking a short survey.

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