Best place to Sell your Ebook

The best place to sell your ebook

Explore the best ways to find ebook ideas, write your ebook, and how to make money selling your ebook online. Please note this article. Please note this article.

Best 10 best place to sell e-books on-line

As the number of web surfers has grown, the sale of electronic literature has become a highly lucrative proposition as well. There are many folks I know who make a livelihood by just sellin' textbooks on-line. The ebook market, however, is very different from the sale of printed publications. It all revolves around the reputations of the writer dealing a novel in the actual market.

However, in the online realm, the place where you sell your books is just as important and sometimes even more important than the author's name. This means that selecting a proper ebook sales site is very important, so today we have put together a top ten listing of sites to sell your e-book.

And the biggest market place for the sale of your e-book is also the No. 1 eBook sales market. You' ve got million and million of users willing to release your next e-book all you have to do is to sell it so Amazon is not that difficult. There' is also a built-in affiliate system on that is used by most webloggers, so it's very simple to persuade someone to become your affiliate marketing specialist.

Your sales quota is 35-70%, but can be ignored because you can sell duplicate e-books at the same timeframe as any other eBook salesplace. Unlike that, they are near perfect plattform for releasing and marketing ebook. One thing I liked is that they have well-publicized guides on all subjects for everyone looking to publicize their first e-book or improve the high standard of the last one public.

However, they have one of the most powerful client populations on all e-book sales plattforms and they will help you increase your sales of books like no one can. Meaning, if your textbook is attractive, then you have a great opportunity to sell a thousand or even more specimens of it. Inabuck is another great site to sell EBooks.

New and old publisher schedules are many and varied and you can select between them according to your needs. Prices are a little high, but they are ok if you see other ebook market places. It is also a one-off function, "unlimited" free test version for all schemes.

They are free to try each of the maps and only require payment if your e-books are downloadable more than 3x per months. Yes, you get 100% license fee for every e-book you sell on BookBaby and that's a good enough excuse to add this website to your listing.

All you have to do is to buy your $149 redistribution pack when your e-book is released. You can also have a print on demand function if your eBook becomes virus, then you can sell it as a genuine print without any load. is one of the best service when it comes to sharing your earnings and promoting your e-book.

In addition, you may not only develop your own advertising campaigns, but also an affiliation programme. This means that you can motivate other blogs to sell your book and make a gain. is a full e-commerce sector as just a sales ebook establishments. This means that there are many different utilities and softwares to help you sell your game.

However, their rates are a little high and you have to pick any of their month layouts to make some selz (see what I did there? :-p). It is often ignored by serious authors because it is more of an action-selling site. However, you must accept the fact that most of the e-books that are being distributed today are small and focus on a small topic.

Also if you are looking to sell ebook focused on a particular topic then Fiverr is probably the best choice. However the two major disadvantages are the $5 pricing constraint and the 80% income division policies, which means that you have to sell hundred books in order to make some real profits.

Not only can you sell EBooks, you can also sell audio books and music data. They' re paying you 80% of the proceeds from the sale of your books. While there are no membership charges, you must purchase an initial fee of 9.90 before you can post your copy in their shop. is not only a great site to sell your books, but also to create them. This website has several utilities to help you rewrite your e-book from the ground up. Or you can use the style option to give your books a different look, depending on the theme.

In the end if you feel that charting is not your kind of work, then you can employ a specialist within the site to help you in the various stages of typing. By Blurb you can sell not only your ebook on their site but on Amazon, Barnes & Noble Deck and the Apple iBooks Store as well.

On what platforms do you publish your e-book?

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