Best place to Print a Book

The best place to print a book

The booklets are ideal for short stories, children's books, zines, comics & more. They are sometimes also referred to as perfect bound books or softcover books and are suitable for all printing needs. Much of the decisions about printing your books depend on your goals. It is a personal collection, printed and professionally bound in a form that is not out of place in a real bookshop. The perfect bound brochures with individual options for paper, size and quantity.

Perfectly bound booklet print

Select from a wide range of paper: Covers 15+ and internal share option. Print variable data: You' ll love the excellent full-colour print: This is the minimal and maximal size for glued book. Glued hardcover is always considered to be tied to the correct heigth. Include 2 to make the front/back envelope and back.

Send 2 ready-to-print PDF files for your book - 1 for your book and 1 for the inside pages: Covert artwork should be sent as 1 PDF with 2 continuous spreadings; outside and inside. To adjust your back type, please use the approximate back strength displayed in the computer as computed by your bearing choice and the blade used.

Add this approximate width to the overall support and leave the inner channel empty to allow the adhesive to stick to the lid. For each page, please send a separate PDF for inside pages in the proper order. If you order a book with 16 inner pages, your documents should contain 32 pages.

If necessary, you can increase the number of pages by adding empty pages. So, if you order a 5. 5" x 8. 5" book, the pages in your paper should also be 5. Make sure to place an extra 1/8" trim and a 3/8" text/image security border on the back and a 1/4 " on all 3 outside corners of each inside on all 4 sides of the page.

Our adhesive-bound book has a max. 2 " inch thick. You can use the book back calculation to find out when your page number and the warehouse choice led to a book that is too thick for adhesive bind. When you plan to release and resell your book, you will need both an ISBN number for your book and a UPC or bar code for your local retailer.

Both are available at http://www.isbn. org, where you can easily buy the ISBN or ISBN and the bar code as a one. Alternatively, if you already have the ISBN and need the barcode: Hardcover can be used for a wide range of applications, from more imaginative designs such as self-publishing your own book of literature to more entrepreneurial undertakings such as producing a thick catalogue.

These are particularly useful for thick, high-page booklets that may be too much for a single brochure or spiral book. We are not the copy store around the bend, we are a top of the range printers you can depend on. You can print glued book with its flexibility for a wide range of applications, such as:

Styles you make leap from pages with superb colour print and adhesive bind. The book formats available vary from 4" x 6" to 9" x 12". You can print book covers with back thicknesses from . 10" to 2". You can also include a copy of the book back with the name and cover as long as the back of the book is thick enough.

With our on-line perfectlybound book print service, you can easily get an immediate estimate and print for all your publisher, marketer and related needs. Now you can place your perfectly hardcover book print order and subsequently load up your print template.

You' ll receive a PDF of your book print order after you place your order - view your e-mail for a print confirmation or login to your bankroll anytime to see if a print is available for your proofing. For more information, please visit the Brochure Print Service page.

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