Best Phone for Writers

The best phone for writers

What smartphone should I buy? I just use my cell phone instead. There was no more useful or valuable tool in my life as a writer than a smartphone. To those who long for the golden age of BB OS. An excellent corporate phone, especially in conjunction with a display dock.

Best Authors Phone

There' s hardly any handy distinction between the iPhone and Android platform. Both can be used just as well for standard typing jobs, but I still suggest a large display. The advantage of Android is when you need to connect to your local drive or flash drive, but otherwise I suggest you just choose the one you like best!

I' m also working for a large part-time telephone dealer and I spent my working day consulting clients about which phone is right for them. I' m using everything that does the job. and waited anxiously for the promise of improvement, but it just didn't show up and Microsoft is now at least two years behind Google.

So for the purpose of this piece, I'm going to look at Android gadgets. Incorporating a little careful planning and planning, a state-of-the-art Android engine is able to do almost every job an author asks of a computer. Who' thought the date would come when you could start writing a whole novel on the phone?

A smart phone has a small display on which only one job is performed at a time, maintaining an amazing level of concentration. Of course, there are some things you can't do on a smart phone. This is a listing of the "writing tasks" for which I use my smartphone: Every Android phone is able to handle assignments 1-5.

In the early phases of novel design and preparation, a handheld computer with built-in digital cameras and portable wideband is an unbelievable advantage for fieldwork: it allows you to instantly track and log every detection, take note and return all this information to your computer for further study.

When you don't need more from a phone than this, don't go on: go to your latest cell phone store and get an Android phone that fits your money and people. But if you want something more from a phone - something that can be used for both production of contents and basic phone work - then continue reading!

A lot of folks think that ph tablets are too big and bulky, but the large display can be a huge benefit and they are prone to have thin outlines. A large phabetic display makes it easier to write initial design work. The Rolls Royce of the smart phone world: pricey, fully equipped and loaded with all the features of production you could wish for.

With over £600 unlocked, this is the "money no object" option, but in my view it is the best smartphone for writers currently available. In addition to the 5th 7? high definition display, the "S-pen" is the best function of this maschine. This means that you can use it to type or paint directly on the monitor.

A further important characteristic for the recorder, which works on site, is the operating time of the rechargeable batteries. It is easy to get two and a half working nights between recharges with the hint 3, and it is almost not possible to discharge the batteries in one workday. Outcome is something that looks a great deal like Android 4. 3 on hand, but can still take up the more useful Samsung accessories.

Smart phone selection is very intimate and not everyone is going to like the 3 grade. But the additional property screens and super long term batteries are skills that any author will find useful if they want more than just the default phone functions from their smart phone. Google's latest "pure Android" offer provides a high-quality engine with a great viewing experience at an accessible cost.

Batteries, however, are a problem. It can be seen as a reduced size grade 3 with a smaller display, a smaller size and no S-pen. Rechargeable batteries and stable aluminum design. And of course there is another possibility..... the reliable old Palm m500! Authors: Which phone do you have and what are your use?

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