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Best-of-breed online writing software

Reedsy Book Editor is a free online alternative to software programs like Scrivener. Of course, the big difference is that Google Docs is available online for free. Because I can't find that kind of thing online. Whilst not specifically to novel writing, I think you need to give a nod to some of the popular free online word processors: You can also release or sell your document online in a popular eBook format or as a PDF.

Top 20 free online tools for authors

Now, not only do we have our computer, we also have an infinite number of useful writing instruments on the web. And the best part: Many of these web services are completely free! However, it will take a while to find these appetizers (time you could spend writing them), so I did the work for you and compiled a listing of my favourites.

I made a similar checklist last year, but I have noticed that many of the hyperlinks are no longer in use. And so I resolved to make this article, which has been extended and up-dated! Continue reading to this year' s listing of 20 of my most popular free online authoring utilities. During the last year, Google Docs became my preferred text editor when I'm not typeting in Microsoft World.

If you are working on a writing assignment with someone else, I strongly suggest that you do so. I' ve also found that Google Docs is one of the simplest tools for creating PDF eBooks. View Google Docs here. It is an award-winning option to Google Docs or Microsoft World if you are looking for a trouble-free port.

And, just like Google Docs, your work is saved online. It is also nice that Draft keeps track of how many words you are writing per days and even sends a useful e-mail to remind you to reach your everyday objective of counting words. Look at Draft here. Reedsy Book Editor is a free online replacement to software like Scrivener.

Not as many functions as Scrivener, Reedsy allows you to create (or import) your script, reformat it and then immediately put it into EPUB and printable PDFs. The Reedsy Book Editor can be found here. Click here for grammar. Hemingway Editor interprets a bit of font for clearness and ease.

It is an award-winning web program to learn to type efficiently. Click here for the Hemingway Editor. A web based tool that will help you enhance your writing by helping you measure the legibility of your text. Discover how simple it is to understand your writing. Please click here to view the availability score. George Orwell in his six writing instructions: "Never use a utopia, a parable or any other phrase you are used to seeing in the press.

" Cliché Finder emphasizes clichés in your text, so you can eliminate unnecessary phrases in your text. Click here to go to the Cliche Finder. Toodoist is a web taskmanagement tool that allows you to generate to-do listings with recurrent data and time. You can use Tamodoist to set up an individual timetable for each individual date.

It' great to remind you of your everyday writing objectives. You can, for example, write "every Friday at 8 a.m." or write exercises that are only repeated on certain dates, e.g. "research every Friday". Look at Todoist here. Threello is a great web app for organising and scheduling writing and collaboration work.

Like an online bulletin card, it allows you to organize all your maps into a series. These maps can be anything from to-do lists to your latest novel. Look at Trello here. It is one of the best applications you'll find if you're a Pomodoro enthusiast like me.

About the Pomodoro technology I have written in the article below: Have a look at Marinara Timer here. I use Evernote as my go-to application for making fast to-do listings, taking down memos and writing blogshows. And best of all, Evernote synchronizes immediately with any computer or smart phone you use. Have a look at Evernote here.

Respond to some of your queries and this online help will help you guess how long it will take you to complete your work. That' really useful when you' re thinking about your writing projects. It will take into consideration how many workdays you can reserve for writing, how many lessons per working day, how many pages you normally spend in an lesson, and the mean length of your writing style library.

Have a look at the writing plan computer here. You' ll like this website if you want to keep environmental noises in the background while writing. Click here for the hipster sound. When writing, if you would rather hear natural noises than coffee noises, you' re in for it. You can combine a choice of different natural tones with Loisli to make your writing experience look great.

Have a look at Noisli here. Is an easy-to-use graphical software with a large selection of draft and dropdown models. With Canva you can make breathtaking Facebook and Pinterest images or make a nice eBook and cover. Look at Canva here. Find out the Adazing Ebook Cover Creator here.

Information graphics are an efficient way to redesign your blogs and present your texts in a visual appealing way. Have a look at Pictochart here. With Lumen5, you can easily turn your blogs into high-quality video that you can publish on your favorite sites. First of all, please type in the following address.

Look at Lumen5 here. We sometimes just run out of the idea of what to blogs about. Hubspot's Topic Generator will help you to create blogpost headlines in seconds for a whole weeks. Have a look at Hubspots Topic Generator here. CoSchedule headsheet analyser analyzes how well the headlines of your blogs are placed in newsgroups.

The Headline Analyzer can be found here. Download the free PDF here along with all my writing instructions, complete with my instructions for using media to expand your e-mail inbox. Also, make sure you join my personal writing fellowship on Facebook to get in touch with other authors.

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