Best Online Writing Courses

Best-of-breed online writing courses

The course is a refresher of some of the tools needed for good writing. Which kind of writing you want to do: Begin writing Fiction (FutureLearn) Skillshare. Black: Online courses for creative writing. You will be inspired, motivated to write and brought into the virtual society of other authors by our online courses.

To Go "Back To School" with these 10 online writing courses

No wonder many authors learn for life - inquisitiveness is one of our most important instruments! Be it in the shape of a lecture on regional politics or lessons in the Wikipedia bunny house (guilty!), most authors I know are always trying to broaden their mind and abilities.

So if you've been looking for a way to enhance your writing skills but don't have the money - or money - to go back to college, take a look at these ten courses and the tutorial. Since its foundation in 1993, Gotham has been a source of information for authors. Now the institute is offering online courses on a wide range of subjects that will be delivered by its gifted teachers.

Contrary to some online courses, Gotham Writers restricts the student's grade so that the student receives individual tutorial. Quotes vary from $150-300, touching everything from creating characters to writing corporate records. The Writer's Workshop online writing courses are a great choice if you are looking for a self-study programme with individual help.

Courses range from writing 101 to sophisticated material, with areas of expertise such as writing travels, natural writing and writing books. Courses are $500 each and can begin at any moment. The student has six month to finish the material and the tasks under the guidance of a teacher. The 8-week course is free of charge and provides courses from colleges and institutes of culture all over the globe.

This course is aimed at beginners in literature and offers lessons from a large number of well-known literature authors. The Skillshare is a place where professionals from various areas, from the world of art to gastronomic art, pass on their skills in brief courses. There are self-paced writing courses such as Storytelling Fundamentals:

Character, Context, Conflict, Craftsmanship" with Daniel José Older and "Fundamentals of Free Writing: Open the floodgates for your own creativity with Aubrey Gail Ferreira. Trial some courses for free or purchase a premium $12/month or $96/year course to get unrestricted entry to all Skillshare courses.

After Lisa Cron's amazing story Genius: How to Go Beyond Outlining and A Riveting Novel, the StoryGenius Writing course will help authors draw their stories from the inside out by concentrating on the character's travel. This course provides a self-study $399 or a full classroom experience $699, including questions from Lisa Cron and Jennie Nash.

It offers online courses from accredited institutes to undergraduates around the globe. In addition to single courses, the student can also enrol for a whole specialisation or a series of courses on a subject. With Coursera, you can view many of the videos for free to get a feeling for the course.

Single courses cost about $29-99; multi-course specialisations such as Wesleyan University's Wesleyan or Michigan State University's Become a Journalist each cost $250-500. It also gives some great self led courses and leaders out there to help you refine your craft. There are also some great self led courses and leaders out there to help you do that. Known as a copy-writing guardian, this manual immerses her in the fictional realm with a handy guidebook to help you build more story cred.

The episode of Luke's famous Blogger's Guides will help you improve your blogger work. Both a writer and a teacher of writing, Burroway guides authors through an informative exercise designed to improve their abilities in writing fictions, poems, drama as well as imaginative non-fiction.

There is something for everyone, from poetry and imaginative non-fiction authors to blogs and gender-flashers. You have a favourite online course or guidebook?

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