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Best-of-breed online writing courses

Best online writing courses with the world famous writers Perhaps one of the most exciting online classes on the entire web. In contrast to other educational systems, Masterclass is the icon of their respective industry, sharing not only their theory abilities - expertise and experiences gained in their careers are at the heart of every one. Once you have seen these courses, you will definitely become good at writing, even if you don't want to. Glengarry Glen Ross' Pulitzer Prize-winning author guides you through his journey to transform the oddest aspects of your lives into play. He' ll show you the laws of play, the subtleties of dialog and the ability to evolve your own voices and make your work.

Shonda will teach you in her classes how to make convincing personalities, how to spell a driver, how to put your ideas forward and how to attract attention in the authors' room. You will also receive genuine pilotscripts, pitches and serial Bible from their shows. Now the Academy Award-winning author of The West Wing and The Social Network is lecturing script writing.

You' ll be taught its principles of story telling, dialog, character building and what a screenplay actually sells. In the end you will create memorable scripts. This course will guide you through every part of the writing part.

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Get hands-on experience, inspirational instructions and tasks, exciting, varied lectures, useful feedbacks from colleagues and instructors and much more via our user-friendly, hands-on website. On-line courses are scheduled flexibly, as most courses do not have a fixed session timetable, so you can study whenever it is best for you. The classes are in one of three categories:

For newcomers to writing, experimenting with a different style or learning more about a specific subject, an overview course is a good starting point! They are designed to familiarize the student with new topics and/or writing styles and involve handicraft classes, lectures and discussions as well as supporting, motivating comment.

Are you looking for responsibility and encouragement to learn writing, writing, writing, writing, then this is the best kind of lesson for you! This course focuses on writing as much as possible through a set of inspirational instructions and tasks, debating our work (and process) with fellow students, and studying posted work.

When you are willing to be more critical, a garage is the best place for you to get your comments so you can find out what works and what doesn't. The courses are based more on a conventional course. As well as the handicraft classes, lectures and tasks, the pupils review their work each week in a cohort and are purchased 2 to 3 formal purchases during the course.

You will be invited the eve of the course with instruction on how to register with Wet Ink, our online course management system, where you can view your course material, lectures and itinerary. Your teacher will send you a welcome e-mail with all the necessary information and advice on the first morning of the course.

Participants in our online workshop do not need to be experienced with web-based courses, although some knowledge of the web and online community will make for a smooth learning outreach. In order to minimise technological issues, the student should have secure connections to the web and an up-to-date web browsing system (we suggest Google Chrome).

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