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The Reverb is the online marketplace for musicians only. I am a craftsman, so it is always a good thing to find new sites! "It' as if I had my own stand on the marketplace - I look like an online version of it on Etsy. This is the list of the best and most popular online sales sites. Which are the best international sites to sell?

craig list

Tired of eBay charges? Do you wish you had a better way to go? Selling your things and making cash on eBay is getting more and more difficult. In recent years, the online market place has been introducing postal charges, reducing the number of free offers and increasing a number of option offer-charges.

This site allows a user base to publish free classifieds for everything from work to goods on one of 700 sites in over 70 different nationalities. Charges and postage: Cradslist is a free service and a great choice for eBay! This site makes moneys by the employer who list their employment adverts rather than sell their goods.

Most of the time you don't even have to worry about shipping, as the site is focused on local sales. As a rule, payments are made face-to-face, so there are no handling charges. Conclusion: The simplified UI is a little old-fashioned, but Craigslist is a very favorite target for end-customers ( "it gets more than 50 billion page impressions per month) and is sure to give you a decent margin on everything you do.

Delivered is a great way to get your junk off eBay. No base subscription fee, just free classifieds that help turn people's mess into money. Charges and postage: The single vendors can select between three levels of members. There is no shipping costs because customers collect the goods when they are nearby.

As with other promotional sites, you will receive free of charge money in your hands, which means that you will be charged as soon as you deliver the goods. You can, however, use PayPal if you choose to pay your own charges. Conclusion: This website is optically more appealing than competing classifieds like Craigslist and a valued competitor of eBay without registration fee on the free level. eBid is an online auctions site that was started in 1999.

It is now active in 23 different markets and enables free buying and selling. The system runs a rewards system, which means that members can collect Buddy Points every single day they buy, resell or recruit new members. These points can be used in eBid's auctions. Charge and Postage: eBid has no occasional seller transactions charge, but calculates a 3% commission and allows you to post only one picture.

Learn more about e-bid rates and tariffs. Payments system: ebid uses PPay so purchasers can buy in Euro and Pound Sterling, which is 3. Conclusion: ebay is a big competitor of eBay and much less expensive for daily use. During a surprising move, eBay purchased Gumtree in 2005 as it was growing in popularity and became a target for other messages to be posted for free.

Charges and postage: Although eBay owns the store, Gumtree has largely stayed free. Workers who offer a job are paying a commission, but not single vendors. However many properties are attracting charges such as incorporating a link to your website (£5) and further adding your (up to 19. 95) shoppers are expected to be locally and be able to reserve goods so you should not have to worry about shipping.

As a rule, payments are made face-to-face, so there are no handling charges. The Gumtree is another option to eBay. Just like eBay, but with a little spirit, Etsy is an online market place that allows consumers around the globe to buy and buy goods that are not their peer. Founded in 2005 by Rob Kalin, who wanted a place to put his various designs on sale, Etsy now has over 28.

Charges and postage: Every entry on Etsy is $0. 20 or 20p. When your offer is not sold after four month, you can purchase a new offer for an additional payment of ?15. There is also a 3. 5% Final Selling commission on the item's Final Selling Cost (excluding tax and postage) and there are other charges if you want to advertising the list.

Here is a complete break-down of Etsy's dues and taxes. They can make payment via Etsy Payment, that is Etsy's own settlement system. There is a fee for the grand amount you get from the client, which is 4% + 0.20% for UK Sales. Conclusion: Etsy is a more accessible plattform for vendors, but only for those who make their own things or have a set of antique articles to be sold, and not for disposable vendors with some disorder.

Initially named As Seen On Screen, ASOS already sold famous brands in 2000. It is now one of the most successfull online clothing stores at 15. The ASOS Marketplace was created in 2010 and makes it possible to market new, used and antique fashions around the world. Up until recently, it permitted so-called "cloakroom vendors" to be sold to private persons and "boutiques" intended for companies.

The ASOS marketplace is therefore only a real option if you are prepared to cover the opening fee for a store. Charges and postage: There is a 20 per week fee for a store bankroll, but you will receive free offers (at least 10 offers), an online store front that you can customize, and an Account Executive.

They will be charged from this bank every month and are also subject to PayPal handling charges. When it comes to the photographs and what you are selling before you are approved, this is not really a practicable choice for those who are just looking for money from a clear.

Freecyclecle is a global organization made up of communities around the world where individuals can come together to give (and get) things for free. Our aim is to minimise the amount of rubbish we generate by bringing together and linking those who throw away goods with others who might benefit them.

Charges and postage: There is no need to concern yourself with shipping, as the user should be there to collect the goods. It is not just posting articles and answers from those interested in the fellowship. Conclusion: With Freecycle you don't earn any profit, but you get free of charge any undesirable objects that don't fit on an eBay auctionsite.

Charges and postage: And Music Magpie even provides free shipping tags to take your goods to its office. The swap levels are usually low (more than a pound ) and you will need at least 10 points to get to work. You will also have to await the objects until they arrive at Music Magpie Headquarters and then pass the final inspection.

For example, the specified prices may be lower than anticipated if the item is of bad or badly made. Browse Selling DVDs: Music Magpie against the competitors for a detailed review of competitors such as Ziffit, Zapper, CeX, WebuyDVDs and Mumox. Charges and postage: Use is totally free and shipping is free.

Trading-in prices will not be as good as what you could sell on eBay and you need to accumulate a minimal of 10 value of the item to make a deal. Charges and postage: The use is totally free and you can have the articles sent free of cost or picked up by a messenger.

By using this approach instead of eBay, you save the effort of preparing a bid, awaiting the end of the auction and paying the associated charges. Smart phones are prone to go for hundreds of quid so the eBay charges can actually be eating into any payoff you make. eBay will take a 10% slice capted at 250 on closing deals inclusive of shipping.

Charges and postage: You will not be charged for selling your cell phones through these sites and most provide free shipping tags and even shipping carton. There are many sites that accept payment by wire or PayPal. Conclusion: You can easily and quickly resell your old mobil.

Or you can be pretty sure what you will get for it if you describe it in detail during the first online proces. This is a place where you can buy, trade or give away undesirable "beautiful things" in your surroundings. Introduced in the UK in 2014, the application is rapidly becoming a favourite sales tool for those looking for an affordable eBay option.

Spock: Boat sales application for eBay and Gumtree. Tolls and postage: Spock is free and does not levy any fee. There are just optional boots for additional features that can help benefit an Item ranging from 50p to £13.99. There is a choice to pick up the goods and receive them in bar or to pay via PayPal with your own shipping and payment fee.

Conclusion: Shpock is a great option to eBay without selling charges and has a very user-friendly system that is definitely something to try if you are serious about eBay. Charges and postage: You will likely find a small entry fine of 1-£10 for getting a room at the venue that you should be able to recover in your first sell.

Conclusion: You can dispose of a lot of objects in the forenoon or in the afternoons. There is no need to wait forever for an end of an auctions or for funds to be deposited into your bankroll. But shoppers participating in these purchases tends to be more reckless than your usual online shopper.

Will be willing to bargain and sale for much less than it would bring online.

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