Best Online Publishing Sites

The best online publishing sites

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) lets you publish your books for free on the Amazon Kindle Store. Skip to How much does self-publishing cost? Investigate them to decide which is best for you. Apps vs. Web Apps/Websites: It's easier than ever to publish media online.

The top 20 sites to post and resell your e-books

Let us first acknowledge that it is not always simple to find a well-known editor who is willing to release your work. This does not mean that you should end your typing careers without publishing houses. As a matter of fact, there are other ways you can try to make your own scores out there yourself, and one of the simplest ways is to make your scores in the shape of online, like an eBook.

This is because there are many online sites on the Internet that help you post, share and resell your e-books. There are no registration fee on most websites and most of the sales go to you. Thus if you are willing to be an e-book writer or vendor, here is a listing of favorite sites for marketing self-published e-books and other derivative works.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) lets you post your book for free on the Amazon Kindle Store. You can buy KDP publications on Kindle and Kindle iPad, iPhone, PC, BlackBerry and Android applications. PublicIt! will convert your data to NOOK, portable and computer device format for you.

Barnes & Noble can help you share your e-books with your audience of billions with the publishing strength and backing of Barnes & Noble. With Lulu, you can target your audience in more stores, such as the iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble NOOK with an ePub-format eBook. In addition, Lulu can help you post e-books to be sold to your Lulu Marketplace clients, also in PDF format.

You need a merchant bank to be able to Scribd Store. Writing Life enables writers and publishing houses to deliver their own online publications in over 160 different states. With Kobo Writing Life, you can post e-books, follow your sale and interact with your friends around the game. Smshwords makes it free and simple to release, share and resell your e-books to a global public at the biggest e-book stores, iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Diesel and more.

BooksBaby is a digital distributor of books by freelance writers and publishing houses and makes their works available to booksellers such as Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble. com, Sony's Reader Store,, Kobo, Copia and others. You can use e-junkie to distribute your e-books in Doc, Pdf and any other form of documents. TradBit allows you to share your book/content within seconds so you can immediately begin sales of the files on eBay or your home page.

His free merchandising and promotion tool makes it simple to make your own book publications and turn them into profits. The ClickBank is an online market place for e-books and other electronic information services. Its purpose is to act as a link between the originators of digitised contents and the affiliates who then advertise them to them. The MyeBook is an online publishing plattform that allows the user to produce e-books that can contain sound, videos, animation or any other medium. e-BookMall is another e-book plattform for publishing houses and autho rs.

You can select from which country your eBooks can be bought at ebookmaL. eBookIt works with writers and publishing houses to reformat and transform your eBooks into eBooks and share them with all large eBooks dealers such as Amazon, Apple, B&N, Sony, Ingram and Kobo.

The Click2Sell Affiliate Marketing Netwrketwork can help you market your books online, whether you are a small seller just beginning to market your books or a large seller with thousands of them. You will be able to post and resell your books online at no start-up cost. Booktango's e-book publishing site gives you instant acces to the genius of digital media, the right blend of time-saving pro-grade service and a vast ecosystem of the most sought-after online merchants, so you can get an e-book that rock.

PAYSHIP is an online portal where you can send and distribute your e-books directly to your supporters and friends and get your payment immediately via PayPal. In order to begin the sale on paychip, just load up your e-book data and enter your name, your name, your name, the name of the item, the name of the item, the price of the item and a thumbscreen. Set up your e-book page and begin sales in a few mins.

Use PayLoadz to offer a free services to resell materials such as softwares, e-books, audio, films, digital arts, handbooks, articles, certifications, documents, files and anything else that can be down-loaded. With PaySpree you can take all the trouble out of your online sales and partner programme management. They take charge of everything from the safe delivery of your product to ensuring that your partners are always getting their pay.

The Instabuck is an easiest way to market your online product.

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