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The best online publishers

As an online publisher, we can advise you on the best channels for your title. If an editor discovers or defends a book that later becomes a bestseller, his reputation can be enhanced by his success. Skip to How much does self-publishing cost? - self-publication via online service: More important publication tips:

100 major online publishers

In the following table you will find a listing of the 100 online publishers that we consider particularly important at the moment. We consider prestigious, vocal part, contents qulity, overall layout and UX, innovations and, well, meaning. While the New York Times may have become the placard boy for publishers who are being confronted with the challenge of the economy's transition from analogue to digitally published works, it is also becoming more contextual in an ironical turn than ever before. has become the benchmark for online publishing, providing its readership with information and feeds innumerable derived stories across the world. It has also found ways to present contents online in new ways, such as the Wahltag info graphic, which kept many people in suspense last November.

While the Times may struggle with its own businessmodel, it is still the Fourth Estate paradigm - in printed form, online or elsewhere. 2 GoogleGoogle can be the exact opposite of what the New York Times does with online publication. If it' about Google News and other utilities, it doesn't tell us what to read, it tells us what to read.

In many ways, it is the beast at the publisher's doorstep. However, there is a place where Google is aggregating a truly massive public, and this is where its writers tell us what they think is important this particular date or this one. This location is the home page that displays Google Doodles.

While Google may be best known for organising the world's information, the Google searching machine is occasionally also known to generate some - six signs at a stretch. While it doesn't do so often when Google converts its brand image into contents, it can have a deep impact and remind the world's consumers of important holidays, milestones or anniversaries, or perhaps just the birthdays of a loved scholar like Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein.

When an image says more than a thousand words, Google has proved that scribbling can sometimes be reckless. Be it a one-week acquisition with a different "Sesame Street" personality on the occasion of the 30-year existence of the long-standing TV show under German law. Or, whether it gives its logotype to user-generated reproductions made through its regular online contests, Google shows that you don't have to post a great deal of contents to communicate a great deal of importance.

Everything began in 2000, when Google webmaster Dennis Hwang, then an apprentice, began to celebrate various world wide occasions and public days with rough iteration of the Google-logos. Recently, Google added application features to its logotype release that mark the Pac-Man 30-year jubilee of the Pac-Man videogame with a Pac-Man player friendly copy of its logotype that can be viewed directly from a web interface.

In addition to the contents that Google Frame provides for its website visitors, it is a high-performance contextualiser for messages and other web-contents. In the past, part of an online publisher's OMMA specification was to use editorial staff. At Google New, the algorithm plays the part of the reader. As an example, a robo-editor made an editorial on the BP oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico, drew a header and cover from a Wall Street Journal storyline, and added an in-page movie to Google's YouTube saw.

This page shows these contents alongside other pertinent contents and thus gives a fast overview of the latest daily novelties and enables more detail with just a few snaps. Enhancements from Google Labs, such as e.g. Spotlight, offer even more elaborate editing functionality. Spotspotlight, much more than just a replica of the most favorite feature, according to Google Labs, indexed "deep tracks of permanent value.

" By reappearing what he considers "persistently attractive" tales, the analysis slows down the message loop by skipping tales that need more than one look to understand, and by investigating online activities, he finds tales that a readers may have failed but wants to do. Indeed, the initial declared drafting objective of Henry Luce when he founded Time Mag was to give the bustling contemporary readership a daily message that summarized all the important messages of the weeks in brief, easy to digest blur (though, of course, with the source text).

At a time when information can be overwhelming and contents have been deposed by disorder, Google engineering is contextualising the messages of the twenty-first-century in the manner of Luce in the twentieth cent. 3 WikimediaWhen Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia experiments did just one thing, it showed that humans could jointly create precious music.

Wikimedia's profit-oriented pendant Wikia (whose greatest success to date has been the amazing Lostpedia) extends the idea to include a customer publication plattform. MURDOK and Co. are the only newspapers that have found out how to make online cash (although they may be the only newspapers to be in some sort of reasonable position).

5 Demand MediaThe editor of eHow (which has 50 million viewers per month), Livestrong, Cracked, Trails. com and others populated its websites effectively using a crowdsourcing mechanic mapping deskt. 6 Madison AvenueThe publisher's mission has always been to make the public available to marketers through it. Contents are made, but the end is the people.

What about completely bypassing the contents? A major revolution in web publication has not taken place in a way that every web consumer could necessarily recognize. Behind the scene, it continues as a number of third-party vendors have started to use web technology to analyze and reanalyse both the audience and the contents created by first-premiers.

Soon after Madison Avenue caught up with the match and found a way to use it on online advertisers' behalf-proprofiling, purchasing and directing their advertising message to the user instead of the conventional way of purchasing more. 7 A propos de. comSi vous vouliez argumenter en faveur de la création d'un contenu convivial, il s'agirait de la pièce à conviction A.

8 CNN. commWhile obscurity kind iReport could link unneurotic the online and receiver information commodity and Rick Sanchez Ted Turner photograph ran it annoyingly, you person to surrender it to thing titled the Cord Messaging Network, which is photograph as large indefinite quantity of a taste jewel online as it was on telegram.

10 USATodayThe most-read paper in America can be outside of any room, but it is also on a whole amount of laptops and, to an increasing extent -- with a suites of apartments -- portable appliances. 11 Washington PostThe Washington PostIf Digital was just the online home of the Broadsheet from which it got its name, it would be important, but its barn encompasses Newsweek and Slate (which got its beginning on MSN).

12 Huffington-PostArianna Huffington's "Internetzeitung" is growing by leaps and bounds and far surpasses the original blogging politics. They are also further developed and iterated by experimentation with shared contents (development of current widgets) and soft-medias ( "Twitter editions", which read contents from the micro-blogging service). The creation of convincing interactivity and the addition of videos and lively fans have aided.

The go-ahead for sport advertising was given with an iPhone application that brought everything together. 14 CS MonitorStop your 100-year-old printing machines and say it's unavoidable, and switching from printing every day to online every day is one thing. 15 As a publishers, YahooYahoo has retained an unpretentious consistence.

Whilst it accumulates enormous quantities of transport, its contents have always been the equivalence of mu?ak in a franchise canteen. She bought the $100 million Associated Contents business in May and seems to intend to integrate the scheme into her own. Wow, and not long after a smart re-design, the online leader in the online apparel sector has built its own silk cord - a paywall.

18 MySpaceThe faded grand lady of online communication still publishes a lot of fancy entertaining material, is still a power at MySpace Music and is still a popular destination for taking over the homepage to reach the 12 to 24-year-olds. 21 MarvelWith's iPad application Disney's Marvel Divison has paved the way for tablets - not only for comic book publishers, but for all publishers.

There was certainly a lot to discuss about what pills can do to reduce pressure, but when Marvel made his debut using them, the gossip actually turned into the question of what pressure can do to show how good pills can be. Marvel's use of a vibrant read port adjusted the read pleasure to the machine so that neither the best of the printed book nor the abilities of the tray were overlooked.

It then, with a built-in memory, provided the contents to save it. 22 Zinio When digitized magazine is the shaft of the unknown, Zinio is in a strategic position to capitalize on the enthusiasm of its readers. They are also wise to find out how to make the funny, high-potential part (publishing digitally from magazines) without having to bear the weight of old dead lymphs.

Besides the creation of digitized issues for other magazines, there is a separate publisher for high-income women, Viv-Magazin. 24 InstapaperIn the fervent mind of the notorious "You" character on Time magazine's annual sleeve, we will put ourselves to the test here and say that for many of you the best journalist is probably you.

InstanPaper is really just a piece of software that lets you store everything you want to see online in one place until you have the reading power to do it. With HotWired, she did pioneering work in online editing in the mid-1990s, setting the standards for publication in the web browsers. The" saviour of pressure" is back again.

" iPad Wired has created much more than just a web page as a web page and - again - set the standards for what a web page can be. 27 Condé Nast Digital#28 Gilt GroupePrivate Gilt Groupe purchasing group, in particular the latest Jetsetter offer, is an e-commerce e-publishing plattform that operates like a life-style pub.

Is it a life-style publishing that is operated like an e-commerce plattform? 29 American Express#30 Nymag.comLast year New York Times extended its online reporting to Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Francisco. 31 Food Network#32 Salon#33 HearstEsquire will continue to produce interesting and original contents for the web (and we don't just mean the "Women We Love" slideshows ) and from time to time, as in last year's AR edition, these contents will be sensibly fed back to the mag.

Following month-long speculations, Hearst eventually signed the purchase of the German based online advertising agency and is said to have spent 250 million dollars for the searcher. 34 MSNBC#35 PBSLook no further than the distressing newshour news hour Widgets creates and the videofeed adapts it to keep the general population aware of the BP Gulf petroleum catastrophe and you'll see why online as well.

39 Publish2The Publish2 News Exchange presents an open stack of challenges for the AP by enabling publishers to build bespoke publishers' messaging systems of different sizes, with members agreed to synthesize assets for each other. In describing Publish2 as a "platform designed to disrupt Associated Press's ability to monopolise the delivery of newspaper content," Scott Karp made this a clear concern.

Publish2 allows publishers to make their own message lines and directly share contents with the printed version of each paper (provided they are also members of the Exchange). Publishing2 accelerates the entire publishing lifecycle by taking over the logistical aspects of data transfer, graphic design and custom text sizing. You can also automate the automatic incorporation of synthesized media into your printed papers.

Publishers can build any number of members - from hyperlocal member associations to domestic alliances. Publish2 News Exchange, which started in May this year, contained news from TechCrunch, Engadget, Politics Daily, Daily Finance, AOL Small Business and the Huffington Post Investigative Fund.

43 AOLThe brandname wants to re-invent itself as a freshly founded enterprise and has even set up its own Demand Media-style contentfarm, which is called cheeky seeds. 44 The Daily BeastBecause, while Arianna Huffington may have produced an "Internet newspaper," Tina Brown has produced an sleek online journal. The IAC also sets itself apart from its IAC brothers and has built its own publisher eco-system with the Verticals (including Hungry Beast and Art Beast).

Brown has also developed a fascinating schedule for publishing contemporary literature across a number of different publishing systems. 45 CBSSports#46 IACIt is home to CityGrid (né CitySearch) and college humor for beginners (and of course the Daily Beast mentioned above), but Barry Diller has put his finger in a whole bunch of other pedestals, not least the next-gen productions studios under the direction of Ben Silverman, which could make some upheaval this year.

However, its importance as a publishers is. Yet many online publishers use Facebook as an effective publication plattform. Who says your Australian resident non-wife, who documents all facets of her career, is not a writer? 48 Dehors. Dans l'actualité hyper-locale depuis longtemps. 50 NozzlWith the most eye-catching toy, the most fascinating gambler in the hyper-local messaging world.

52 Whiskey MediaThe editor of giant-bomb, Comic Vine, Anime Vice, Tested and Screened, a community-based but editorialally managed specialty site, has found brilliant ways to turn creating contents into a kind of online game. Shelby Bonnie, the founder, is happy to say that her system "strengthens" the capabilities of her professionals and enables them to transform a fellowship of enthusiastics into publishers and contributing people.

53 TwitterAgain, like Facebook, has proved very useful to increase visitor numbers to the publishers' pages. 54 RodaleRodale, editor of Men's Health, Women's Health, Bicycling and a number of other (mostly formulaic) magazines, may have some circulation in online traditionally published books, but the iPhone and now also the iPad have proved to be a monstrous success.

Last but not least, the publishing house is adjusting its franchising product range and is relying on a powerful slogan with contents and style applications. As well as the messages, they can also hear real time tunes that have been filmed in NPR's studio, view blog and commentaries, podcast downloads, or buy items that use the revenue to support everything.

61 The Drudge Report#62 SFGateThe Chronicle (published by SFGate) began online in 1983. This site checks and otherwise releases classified or classified documentation, but supposedly established by dissident China, taking its missions much more seriously than, say, The Smoking Gun. 69 Glam Media#70 Forbes#71 Break media#72 Curbed#73 ApartSix Apart, creators of the Moveable Type plattform, uses its typepad blogging services like a publisher and offers customer marketing that really integrates blogs.

During May, the organization made a bow to Typepad Conversations, a marketing professional discussion forum for its member-blogger. 74 OkayPlayerThis syndicate of hip-hop and R&B performers was formed years ago by Questlove of the Root when he realized for the first time that as a publishers and fellowship they could have much more influence than any of them on a unique artistic promotion site.

77 Al Jazzeera#78 South Park StudiosWith no close connection with Comedy Central, home of Kyle, Stan and Cartman, offers experience far beyond the latest installments and greatest hit games. 79 Toed. com#80 NBC Local#81 IMDB#82 AllRecipes #83 Journalism OnlineSteven Brill's pay-per-play babih schwanger ist, aber gib ihm Zeit.

84 MalvertisersTheir playoff can be shameful, but few would say that Malvertiser are not also genius in their use of online publication as a means of spreading their work. They imitated major publishers and posed as ad agencies and mediashoppers to place "direct" purchases on prime publishers from the New York Times to Focus News and Gawker.

They have also started redirections to pages (full of aggregate contents intended to hit keywords ) that mainly contaminate careless users with harmful codes. It may be the most despicable part of our businesses, but it gives them recognition for innovating and for compelling the advertising divisions of legitimately owned publishers to renew their commercial practice - if only to keep up with the villains.

86 IGN#87 Sugar Medium #88 Chowhound#89 National Geographic#90 U.S. News and World Report#91 LA Times#92 Politico #93 The WrapSharon Waxman's Tinsletown Blog has succeeded in disintermediating some of the industry's heavyweights like Variety and Hollywood Reporter in the brief period that exists, by quickly making important tales like Comcast-NBC Universal and name.

Newsday, a second-tier New York daily, built a paywall and giggles when the daily in January proclaimed that it had only signed up for 35 online mail. However the sale of online subscription has always been of secondary importance. The access is free for each subscription of the printing document and customer of the mother carrier Cablevision.

97 NowPublic. ComAquired in this early part of this year by other hyper-local publishers Examiner. com, NowPublic is in a transition phase, but its most thrilling tool, the scanning tool, which provides an endless amount of current widget on the basis of different items of real-time web and can be synthesized, stays enticing. 98 Air Show Buzz If you want to see the next wave of web-based authoring, you won't find it on Yahoo, ESPN or the HuffingtonPost.

You need to review the unlikely release location of Air Show Buzz, a website for aviation-lovers. -TV is the first website to use Black Box, a new program that turns traditional web publication into a vibrant, cross-platform rich media entertainment experiences more similar to sophisticated TV interactivity than traditional online publication.

O Publications. The support of MSN, BermanBraun and Hachette Filipacchi (editor-in-chief Anne Weintraub previously worked as online manager for Elle magazine) makes it possible.

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