Best Novels to Improve English

The best novels to improve the English language

The reading of fictional books (also called novels) is one of the best and cheapest ways to improve your English. Many people here shop in charity shops, and Rosie from BBC Learning English is addicted to shopping in them. The story is sometimes too hard to understand. A habit of reading classical novels will improve your vocabulary.

Which novels should I be reading to improve my English?

With novels, it all comes down to your interest.

When he flees, he encounters a group of Indians and begins to live with them.

It' a must - it will improve you in every way.

There are many good reason to study them to improve your English:

Which novels you write doesn't really make any difference!

4- Talk about what you are reading.

For myself, I like Salman Rushdie novels. They should also read old Dickens, Oscar Wilde, etc. classic books.

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