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The best novelists

It is important before you start writing a novel to find a book idea that will keep your interest alive. A ten-step guide to planning a novel. The New York Times bestselling author, C.J. Box, took his first lead.

The best novels come from real life. The New York Times drops graphic bestseller list.


Romantic clichés are as loved as ever, and more and more poeple are beginning to start writing and so on. This diversity is a beautiful thing, but for those who want to escape the competitive environment, it means it's tougher than ever. Writers consider the work of others to be an integral part of their work.

You can not only measure the qualitiy of your contemporary, but also carefully study and observe interesting technologies that work well (or not), can help you to create your own schoolbox. All that' s left is that because of the wealth of romance it can be hard to find the precious stones - not to name it!

That' s why I'm here: to tell you the best love stories for those who want to make their own writings better, and to give you some of my own advice on how you can get yourself going. It' s difficult to describe how absolutely, completely, amazingly brillant I found this work, but I will try.

Top 10 contemporary Spanish authors

España has a long tradition of translating its writers into other tongues, especially English. We' re looking at 10 of the best writers in Spain who write today and present some of their greatest works. It is said that Javier Marías is not only the greatest live Spaniard author, but probably also the greatest one.

Marias began to publish as a youngster, and now, in the 1960s, his books - among them the tragic A Heart So White and the sweeping social epos Your Face Tomorrow - are often quoted as such. He is also a El País contributor and has written translations for many English-speaking authors, among them John Updike and Thomas Hardy.

He has won a number of prizes, among them the 1994 Rómulo Gallegos Prize, the 1997 International IMPAC Dublin Literature Prize and the 2011 Austrian State Prize for European Literature. As a pious fan of the classic, his work is known for his peculiar approach to many of the subjects that possessed the great characters of literature: mystery, betrayal, charity and the inability of final cognition.

Celebrated both as a reporter and writer, Rosa Montero has created unbelievable stories and conducted intriguing in-depth interview. The Delta Function is considered an important work of modern feminist thought and investigates the Duality of feminine living. Their later novel The Linatic of the House won both the Qué Leer Prize for the best Spanish publication and the Italian Grinzane Cavour Prize for the best international work.

Currently working for El País, Montero has won several National Journalist Awards. Vila-Matas was borne in Barcelona and written his first novel, Mujer en el espejo conjplando el paisaje, in 1971 during his time in Melilla. In the course of his carreer he has worked in various ways, from movie critics to novelists, from essay to screenplay.

He is known for his ironical and fragmentary approach that breaks down the barriers between the fictional and the real. Vila-Matas has won numerous prizes for his works and his commitment to the world of writing, such as the Bottari Lattes Grinzane Prize in Italy, the Prix Jean Carriere in France and the Leteo Prize in Spain, which he received for his novel Doublinesque.

Vila-Matas is one of the most renowned Spaniards in the field of domestic and foreign criticism and has been translating into many different tongues. Navarro, the youngest author on this mailing lists, was added to Granta's Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists edition in 2010. She released La chiudad feuliz (The Happy City) in 2009, a novel that focused on an immigrated China labourer and a Spaniard without a roof.

Winner of the Jaén Prize for the best novel and the Tormenta Prize for the best new writer, The Happy City was released in 2013 in British as well. Enrique Vila-Matas said about Navarro in a recension of the El País book: "The writer's literary talents are a prerogative (....) the subtile, almost concealed, real avant-gardist of her own generations.

Hernández is another insider in Granta's Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists and is originally a literature reviewer and writer. Her first novel work, a compilation of tales Los Enfermo Enróneos (The False Patients), of which "The Survivor" was released in an Anglo German version by The Guardian, was released in 2008.

Hernandez is also the co-ordinator of the literature research journal Quaderns de Vallençana, devoted to the humanitarianist Juan Ramón Masoliver. An attorney and a novelist, Falcone's first novel, Cathedral of the Sea, was released in 2006, when he was almost 50 years old. A historical novel that takes place in Barcelona in the XIV c., when the Catalan kingdom was at its greatest.

The Cathedral of the Sea has won several prestigious prizes, such as the Qué Leer Prize in Spain, the Giovanni Boccaccio Prize in Italy and the Fulbert de Chartres Prize in France. In his second novel, The Hand of Fatima, which plays during the Moorish period, he was awarded the American-Italian Roma Prize for the best literary work from abroad.

He published his latest novel, La Reina Descalza, in 2013. Antonio Muñoz Molina, a writer and writer, skilfully interweaves stories into historical scenes. Muñoz Molina, Muñoz Molina, born in 1956 in Jaén, has devoted his entire career to literary work and is recognized worldwide for his work. Muñoz Molina is now a member of the Royal Spanish Academy with several prizes - among them the National Prize for Literary Studies (twice!).

In 2013, Muñoz Molina was on the newscast because he had travelled to Israel to win the Jerusalem Prize despite pressures from certain Israeli groups. Llamazares is known for his portrayals of the country side of Spain, inspired by his early years in the small hamlet of Vagamián in the León area.

He has written in many different styles, among them poems, fiction, essays, travelogues, scripts and more, and has won many media citations. The novel has been re-printed and multilingualized. Adored in Spain for his magic realist novel, Felix J. has written masterly tales, written many manuscripts and written a number of shorts, and won a number of literature prizes.

Zafon began his artistic life as a writer of books for young people. In 1993, his first novel won the Spanish Edebé award for young adults. With The Shadow of the Wind, a novel in which a kid has to discover an extremly uncommon novel and save it from a mystical character who wants to annihilate it, he left the young adults literacy family.

Not only was The Shadow of the Winds an outstanding hit internationally with over 15 million units distributed, it was also very well accepted by many. Zafon developed The Shadow of the Wind into a serial - The Cemetery of Forgotten Books - with three more books, the last of which, The Labyrinth of Spirits, was released in 2016.

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