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On the other hand (and there always is one), good software might turn out to be one of the things you ever wondered what you did without it. You are a successful writer using Novel Factory? Compose your novel step by step (Home Page).

Sketch your new workbook[Download]: softwares

provides a high-performance authoring brain-storming utility that helps you explore the bright opportunities in your idea, so you can build a compelling storyline that will both amuse and move your reader. Composing a novel is a complicated task that often makes authors unsure where to start or what to ask.

Through the application of an outline based on your letter (at every step of the process), you can get a large scale perspective of your story, your personality and your topic. They will be able to spot possible loopholes before they even start digging past apparent thoughts that are truly original and interesting and creating an action that uses the strength of a sound three-act structure.

Developed on the basis of the eponymous international and award-winning K.M. Weiland novel, the Your Novel Workbook offers an interface that is intuitively and user-friendly to take you through every stage of the work. Create your own storyline is as straightforward as launching from the first monitor, using the prompt and lesson forms to edit your storyline in the most intuitively way, and by browsing through the top tab pages to jump to important parts such as premise, characters and settings.

Scenes can be created by asking yourself a few simple question and recording remaining gaps, mapping your character's bow and topic, and playing with funny functions that allow you to "occupy" your players and build storylists (which you can hear without exiting the program). Once your scenelist is completed, you can only use it in other applications such as Scrivener.

Sketching is an entertaining and authoritative experience that will help you make your best workbook.

creativriting - Which programme should I use to create the first version of my novel?

I' m a big Microsoft OneNote writer. Even though it is conceived and sold as a memo app, it does easy text editing tasks very well and allows me to write all my texts directly on the page. In addition, it treats pictures, hyperlinks and memos very seamlessly so that I can easily visualize and comment on them as I work.

These are subdivided into different types of section (and, if necessary, section groups), which are split into pages. There is a tendency to have a notepad for each of my projects, then chapters for characters, for world building and for chapters, then a page for each of them. It' integrated into the cluster memory and has applications for my portable device so I can store my books on a OneDrive website and retrieve them from my home computer, work computer or laptop.

Of what I have seen from Scrivener, it seems that OneNote and Scrivener are very similar, but I find that OneNote is more complete and user-friendly than Scrivener.

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