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Best-of-breed manuscript writing software

We' d like you to write your best work with manuscripts. "It has a very natural feel, very nice and easy to use. Once you are done, you can compile your manuscript into several formats: Productivity Tools help you organize your ideas and make writing a novel easier. To get this far, your manuscript must be better than a thousand other submissions.


With our unique and patented textbook reformatting utility, hundreds of publishers have already set their textbooks in a professional and free way! It is free and will always be free. A few month ago we made a movie showing all the little bell and whistle that come with our bit.

Converting your manuscript (a Word or Scrivener document) into a single executable that you can use for your distributions is not an easy task. However, it is a topic that all self-publishing writers come across: as you get ready for publishing, you need unique, correctly sized data to be able to publish both an e-book and a printed book and get a large audiences.

There was no free utility that would make this easy. You would even have applications aimed at writers like Scrivener skip through the tires to get the data you need. e-books require your data to be Kindle Store, iBookstore AND Kobo Storepatible.

To find an exported file that is interoperable with two different operating systems is a problem in itself, let alone with all of them. That' s why we created our one-click formattering utility. Would you like to know more about books? Create an EPUB / Ebook / PDF / etc. And I don't know anything about how books are structured and formatted.

May I still use your writing software? Formatting a professional-looking textbook usually requires special tooling and skills. Conceived to be very easy to use, our tutorial contains useful step-by-step guides to help you through the (usually complicated) creation proces. For example, what are the front, back and back of a work?

Get information about our tools. They can direct our little leader below about making and reformatting an e-mail to know more about how it all works. Have you got a script that will explain how to make a work? Is it possible to change a PDF data record into an EPO? PDF is a PDF that has already been set and is not intended to be transformed into an EPOb-files.

PDFs contain many useless formats that are normally intended for printing (such as page numbers, current headlines and title ) that are difficult to be removed by automatic. Then you can select one of the available topics and save your manuscript to EPUB. Is it possible to transform an EPUB document into a Portable Document Format (PDF)?

Some of the utilities could help you do this, but we think it's best to know how to format your PDF. There' s a great deal of designer work going into the layout of the inside of a textbook, and you don't want your reader to be disillusioned with its format. While our XPUB 3s are already Amazon Kindle Store compliant, we also intend to make Mobis available so that you can run trials on your Kindle machine.

It is possible to save your books in various standard bleed sizes: Is it possible to change the appearance of my exports? By following the best practice in the business, these topics ensure that your copy is properly formated and looks good. At the moment we are offering three models with which you can individually design your export:

Classical: a time-honoured topic to give your books a competitive advantage. Ensuring that your file is interoperable with your e-shops? EpubCheck is an open code validation utility for our EpubCheck file. With EpubCheck we make sure that your end products comply with the standards specification of the European Publication Platform (EPUB 3) and the International Digital Publishing Forum directives.

Don't be alarmed - we have thoroughly checked our EXPUB data on genuine equipment and know that it works! Once you have finished writing your manuscript, you can use our utility to create professional-looking PDF and PDFs. Our magical PDF creation utility is both easy to view and meets industrial standards.

Whereas it will take a very gifted builder a few working hours to write a work in InDesign, it only needs a few moments with our help. Generate sections and parts, format them by emphasizing text, configuring your front subject, then choose a topic and you're ready to go! You will be notified by our utility if the pictures you upload are too large or not compatible with some eBooks.

A reservation: If you want to release an art work and need more customized features, we recommend that you work with a professional architect or type-setter. What is the time it takes to file exports? As soon as your manuscript is finished, all you have to do is set up the export: There are currently 3 available (fiction, non-fiction and romance), hit "Export!

Then simply let the tools do the work. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as your data is finished. I' ve landed with two PDFs, why is that so? You can download two PDFs from our exporter: It' interoperable with the world' s premier print-on-demand PDFs, a basic PDF that is ideal for display and on-line use.

I have my data set, what do I do? We recommend that you use Blurb if you want to release your work in a natural language. When it comes to e-books, you can either use an aggregate like Draft2Digital or Pronoun or directly load your XPUB files onto Amazon KDP, the iBookstore and the Kobo Store.

Exports to text file for custom backup, multi-user collaborations, tracks changes and comments, More genre-specific topics for expor.

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