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What format is best suited for printing your own book? We can also advise you on the product best suited to your requirements. Or the way I met your father. It is our mission to offer the best products at the best prices. Her best photos in a book every month.


The IlluStory - Make your own book! IlluStory, a full set for creating, designing and releasing your own hard cover book, can awaken a child's passion for music and story. It is the perfect present for kids and grown-ups who want to discover their fantasy and creative potential by releasing their own book!

The IlluStory is the recipient of over 15 education, training and toys prizes, among them the Mom's Choice Gold Prize 2017, the Tillywig Toy Prize winners - Best Creative Fun, Tillywig Product of the Year Magazine Product of the Year Prize 2017 - Creating Your Own Boooks Kategorie and the Creatively Child Magazine Creatively Playing Magazine Classification.

Completed book manufacture and shipping is part of the purchase cost.

Copyrights of a book

Protecting a book is simple, but the type of copyrights being protected is complicated. Authors own the copyrights to a book the minute it is published - before they publish the book or look at the copyrights registry. However, in order to fully protect a book under Swiss law, the authors need the additional legal rights of the register.

Continue reading to find out more about how to protect a book by copyrights, what copyrights actually protect and how safe your authoring privileges are before you publish a book. Copyrights prevent bookshops from purchasing a book from the bookmaker, making a copy and then reselling it to their clients. Clients buy not only the book but also the author's own IP: the history, the figures and the settings.

Exactly what type of copyrights depend on the type of book. As well as the pages of the book, the copyrights cover the order of the action, certain character or items of the wider universe it manages. If, for example, you are writing a gossipy historic novel in which the romantically minded protagonist has to chose between the charismatic nobleman or the lower peasant in the highland of Scotland, then your copyrights can go beyond the precise history.

You may be able to claim your copyrights if another writer releases a similar novel in the Ming Dynasty and uses similar storylines or character lines. However, how can you best solve your case? As soon as you start writing your book, it is protected by law. What if your novel is on your computer's harddisk?

Though you can show that you wrote it before the Ming Dynasty book was out. If the Ming Dynasty book writer hadn't been reading your script, you wouldn't have any right against him. Copyrights prevent copy - they do not prevent reciprocal (or simultaneous) co-design.

And if two human beings have the same ideas at the same times, totally unconscious of each other, then both have the same right to the copyrigh. In order to take full advantage of the copyrights for a book, you must be a registered copyrig. Registering provides for constructively terminating....and constructively terminating is very, very important.

The registration of a copyrighted right is simple and cost-effective in comparison to other types of IP rights. For something like a novel in particular, the registration of a copyrighted work offers the writer enormous levels of IP-ownership. If you want to publish a book or other artistic work, just go to the gov website created by the Library of Congress.

There' is an on-line photo, sculpture and writing rights registry site. You can also use an on-line service to help you work. Making a book copyrighted. Why should an artist do this? The design note allows you to claim your intellectual property rights against anyone from the time of registering, while your intellectual property rights only prevent others from duplicating your work.

For example, the Ming Dynasty novel writer can always claim that he never even reads your book. If you can't verify that he or she has seen it, you can't verify a violation. Once a work has been recorded, however, it does not make any difference whether it has been or not. Design hints make previous experience with your book unimportant.

You own your book and all its personalities, attitudes and tales, and if someone violates any part of it, you can enforce your right. Do you need to record your copyrights before releasing your book? Regardless of how quickly the technique allows the publication of a book, registering is just as important. As soon as you release a book, it's out there for the outside wide open.

All the important resourceful decisions you've made - the characteristics, the history, or even the items of a non-fiction book - are somehow copyrighted by your book. When you want to safeguard the use of your personality, the provision of counsel or the choice of destination you want to post about, the registration of your work will make the public aware that this book is your IPR.

Otherwise, you must be able to show that another writer had accessed and duplicated your idea.

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