Best Macbook for Writers

The best Macbook for authors

Coverall best laptop for writers: The best Macbook Air for authors and bloggers (Apple Laptop). Only a handful fall into my list of the best laptops for authors. Discover the complete Hanx Writer typewriter collection: The MacBook Pro is ideal for long hours in front of your screen.

I will write 25REASON' s Iove with my MACBOOK AIR and PRO notebooks in 2017

I was laughing about it for years before I collapsed and purchased a MacBook Air computer. Twenty-five good reason why I really enjoy typing with my MacBook Air in 2017: I' ve upgraded this article to include my latest acquisition - the MacBook Pro 13 Retina Laptop. There is no carpaltunnelsyndrom, my wrist can stay upright and I have zero wrist aches and pains, although I write for ages every workday.

Now this is a Mayor plus, for those of you with Carpal Tunnel who are willing to give up typing. Check out a MacBook Air. Thin retina, 1 pound lighter than MacBook Pro 13 A13. 3 pounds in all. Cute keypad. Although it wasn't perfection when I first used it, I'm now very used to the keypad path, the space between the keys and the keyboards.

While I still wish there were seperate back space and clear keys and HOME and END keys, I'm so satisfied with my overall keystrokes that I can't feel uncomfortable. When upgrading to another MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, the keypad stays the same sized!

You no longer have to learn a different keypad every single change of computer! MocBook Pro 13 Retina keypad - also very beautiful (before 2016). Do you want to see the MacBook keyboard differences guide? Keypad backlight. MocBook Pro 13? Retina - has the same. Stability. When my woman, who was at the short end and was unable to see high up on the rack where I was pushing that ultra-thin layer of fresh breeze, shoved a crate onto the rack and shoved my $1,200 MacBook AA.

McBook Pro 13? Retina durability? The next BEST BUY, Apple Store, look closely at the keypad. The MacBook Pro 13? Retina Build Quality - is fantastic and just like the Airs. MacBooks are extremely quick when opening applications and do not crashed. The MacBook Pro 13 Retina - the basic version is perfect for authors.

That' s astonishing, considering that I am living in Asia, where there is a very high probability of it. The MacBook Pro 13 at ? Rebina - same, had no viruses for 2 years. Now, there's a newer MacBook with a retinal display, which is quite astonishing if you only need a very lightweight computer with a very clear display for typing.

Six inches of dry grate. About 2.38lbs. Weighing less than 3 lbs (2.96). Extremely luminous display. MacBook Airs doesn't (yet) have the new retinal display, but they have very light and high-contrast displays that make typing on them a pleasure no matter how much environmental lighting you have.

MocBook Pro 13? retinal - display is similar, but much more sharp on the refilamento. MacBook has an astonishing magnet connector that stays on until you overtighten it. MocBook Pro 13-11? Retina - has the same. I' m writing all my textbooks in Open Office's "Writer" app. McBook Pro 13- ? Rebecca - I just converted back to Word.

For MacBook Pro 13? Retina - ditto. It' not just accessibility, but Apple gives you a free application named iBooks Author, which gives you an excellent way to make preformatted e-books for the shop. For MacBook Pro 13? Retina - ditto. Shortcut keys. There are always a large number of hotkeys that run under the OS to help you do small jobs much quicker than if you had to move the cursor and click on a menu.

For MacBook Pro 13? Retina - ditto. It' a $5 program that you can use on your MacBook Air to boost the sound level of your loudspeakers. The MacBook Pro 13 Retina - speaker may be a little better, but still with the Boom Apache. I' m surprised it works so well.

The MacBook Pro 13 Retina - never had a proble. MacBook Airs has the right colour scheme from the first go. The MacBook Pro 13 Retina - even better colour space. For MacBook Pro 13? Retina - ditto.

MacBook 11 wrist-rest. The MacBook Pro 13 Retina - not the same, it is higher, but still no problem with the Carpal Channel. He was my co-worker Mark who sent me a note from his MacBook in Philadelphia. I' ve been chatting with my older MacBook while he's on his iPad ever since.

For MacBook Pro 13? Retina - ditto. iPhone application works very well, I like it. For MacBook Pro 13? Retina - ditto. At last, the last two things I really like about MacBook AA.... it's definitely a good idea to buy the JUST thing for them. These are both characteristics of the astonishing track pad. Well, I didn't have a good track pad..... EVER until I got this MacBook AI.

I' never have my hand in the way and move my cursors while I'm typing an item or a textbook. Other MacBook Airs and Pros have the same tracking pad. The MacBook Pro 13 Retina - exactly the same track pad (TouchPad). MacBook's have the most astonishing gesture. The MacBook Pro 13? Retina - have the same.

Updated January 15, 2017: I' ve retrofitted to a MacBook Pro 2013. It is a little bit smoother than the Luft, and very recommendable. I' m NOT recommending the latest 2017 MacBook Pros - they have made radical and honest changes to the keypad, it is crap for authors. Updated November 2, 2017: Here is an interesting e-mail about the shelf life of the MacBook AA keypad - and my e-mail response:

Hi, I saw your MacBook Air movie as the ideal authoring tool. You have obviously been using it for quite some time, is the keypad's life good? The point is that I am a novelist myself and I own a Lenovo Thinkpad. When I wrote my first volume (over 300 pages) I find my keypad much more "washed out" and not as comfortable to use as before.

Having trouble with your MacBook Avi? Using my inexpensive Lenovo - I also noted that some of the keypad felt different after a year of typing on. It took the HP 5 years with very high use..... the keypad doesn't have the same feeling as the new one today, but anyway, I can still play it.

I' m still in loving it. I have been using this 11-inch MacBook Air for 15 month intensive use (on a daily basis 3,000 words on average). Try the MacBook PRO touchpanels because they give you a little more room to move and it's a different feeling. Although I really like the MacBook Air keypad, I have the MacBook Pro Retail 13 CRAVE.

I' m going to publish this on my last page about the Ultimate Notebook for Writers so that it can help more users. When you want the latest - here's the latest MacBook, which is about 2. 5 lbs and the keypad is quite new. It''s something I can' t stand saying, but I guess it's more accurate than my MacBook Pro or Android.

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