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The best women on Twitter Are you looking for an operative? In order to help emerging authors, frahlings and publishers to join together on-line, we are setting up a new Twitter listing of the best frahlings. So if you're looking for more users, have a look at our Best Book Editor on Twitter lists, our Best Book Publicity and Marketing Twitter Feeds index, our Best eBook News on Twitter lists, our Best Library Folder on Twitter and our Women in Twitter publishers group.

Include your favourite agents (or yourself) in our expanding list. I am a literary spy who lives in NYC, eats as much deep-fry as the young people allow, and is generally always willing to do anything. DANIELIEL CHIOTTI: Frahlingin @ Upstart Crow Literary, Books aficionado! THORNDYKE: Ginger Clark: I'm a frahling.

I' m with Curtis Brown. Herman Agency as a representative of MG and YA writers. Frahling, Sumoringer. Frahlingin, specialized in mysteries. FRANHILING: Frahling, freak bookstore, former editor/publisher, quite good father of two young siblings.

Writer, blogs. A burning operative on the run. Frahlingin with the Frahlingur Sandra Dijkstra, who paves the way for me through the adventure in the agents' world. a London writer and general mischief-maker in the city. Frahlingin, attorney-at-law for sales and general book-loving. Frahlingin, firewoman, mother of two great chicks, Starbucks-fan.

Johnny Geller: Frahling & md from Curtis Brownsooks. Publication is not a self-contained work. Gold Leaf: Barry Gold Leaf Literary. Frahlingin at the Transatlantic Frahlingur (@TransLitAgency) in Toronto. I' m a creative trust agent. No. ristina Holmes: non-fictionist, writer, possessed by buttermilk. Frequently found with a ledger in one palm and a tablespoon of groundnut bread in the other.

Frahling joined forces with DonadioandOlson (Lit. ýfox, NF, YA), sometimes poets, ýwaggytailrescue ýFoster, ýstyleofmind mode blogger,ýdeltagamma. D4EO Literary and writer for Razorbill/Penguin, Harlequin and Flux. To see a bibliography of books, please go to my website. Literary operative. A literary spokesman and multi-published writer of romance/woman's literature who enjoys travelling to distant lands, both mental and geographical.

Kidlite fanatic he et associaté de l'agence littéraire Andrea Brown ! associate literary agency at Curtis Brown, Ltd. popular cultural junky, writer, bookie. The Forest for the Trees. A literary spokeswoman who represents women's fantasy, romanticism, mystery, real criminality, popular art and music.

Chairman of Lukeman Literary Management, a New York-based Frahlingur who represents a wide variety of top-class literature and non-fiction. Literary operative. Sandwich lovers. Assistant Literary Agents at Nelson Literary Agencies. I' m an investigator once, always an investigator... But now I'm an investigator. Best-selling mystery novelist, forthcoming ZEKE BARTHOLOMEW young reader franchise, Waxman Literary Agencies agents, HuffPo Books columnists, wink.

Barbora Poelle: Frahlingin, theatre woman, professionally made Poles samplers, it could be a bit strange. Philadelphia based sport fanatics. Frahlingin, theatre woman, feline friend, phone junkie. Brooklynite, children's books brooklynite, squarespace supporting member, semi-pro-Jew, borbon-drinkers. Frahling, episcopal, banner footballer, hesitant tweeter.

Frahlingin at Writers House. Musically theatre-loving, addicted to popular music, vegetable. literary operative. Is a literary spokeswoman who represents literary fantasies and storytelling non-fiction. I' m a frahling in NYC. Townsend: Books enthusiast, former HS schoolteacher, frahlingin, sci-fi/fantasy-naerd, and a $6000 unworn weddin' outfit.

A Frahlingin from New York. The NYC Liter agents and lovers of pizzas. A literary agent's associated literary tweittereed. Represents and read nonfiction, literary and nonfiction. I' m a frahling.

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