Best Literary Agents for new Writers

The best women for new authors

She is particularly excited about cultivating new writers. With a penchant for short stories, she believes that the discovery of a new young writer is one of the greatest thrills. At present these five frahlings are looking for mediated and not mediated book authors.

New Writers - Writer's Relief, Inc.

You are looking for frahlings who are willing to take requests from new authors or for frahlings who are open to represent unreleased authors? We can help you if you are a new, unreleased author who has finished your script and are interested in frahlings who accepts unreleased authors.

Writer's Relief is an online filing system and our aim is to see you public. It prepares manuscripts for books and sends them to the most suitable literature agent (the one who is most likely to appreciate and promote your work). and which frahlings also accept requests from new or unreleased contributors.

However, if you want to keep doing it alone, here are some helpful items (from our FREE Writer's Newsflash): Weed eradication work through countless obsolete and generic listings of the best literature operatives has already been done by our agency's literature research group.

We' ve got the most up to date top fragments of new authors and we have inside information on agent names you won't find anywhere else. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and use our up-to-date shortlist of the best frahlings available.

Thirteen Frahlingen are active searches for writers to replace them

The frahlings are active in the search for new and existing writers to fill in and are open to pitch. All I have are trustworthy and successful companies. Under the name of each of my clients I have entered their wish list or what they are looking for in a proactive way. Talcott Notch Literature Services Jr. Saba Sulaiman is currently open to the following genres:

Adults: fine literature and business literature, romanticism (all sub-genres except paranormal), character-based psychothrillers, cosy enigmas and memoirs. Young-adults:/New Adult: all sub genres except para-normal and sci-fi.

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