Best Literary Agents for new Writers

The best women for new authors

We' re actively looking for established and new authors in various genres. ("Writers House") / Top category: Publishers....

. and other forms of madness: 6 incumbent agents in search of writers

There are six agents looking for customers. They are well known agents with extensive editorial expertise and a strong record of success. You are looking for an exquisite mixture, from fine literature to children's literature, from memoirs to fantasies, from mystery stories to healthcare and wellbeing. Agent may move from one agency to another or shut down their list and the terms of submissions may vary.

When these agents do not meet your needs, here is a complete listing of new and existing agents looking for customers: Before Reiko Davis joined DeFiore in early 2016, he was an associated agency with Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency for four years. Born in Kansas City, she graduated with a BA in Comparative Literature and Fine Arts from Brown University and is a Columbia Publishing Course undergraduate.

Reiko's interests are diverse, but she is particularly interested in mature literature and sophisticated literature, storybooks and literature for young adults and the small and medium-sized businesses. Her storytelling skills include a powerful vocalist, clever, fun heroes, narrow places (especially cities in the South and Midwest), storytelling, dark and exciting fictions and tales of extraordinary friendship or the often dangerous ground of people.

She is active in the search for young, mature and medium-sized literature for children's literature - whether it' modern, historic, imaginative or just a novel with eternal qualities and lively personalities. Her main interests in non-fiction are culture, literature and literature as well as intriguing guided visits to niches, storytelling, psychology, creative and memoirs.

Please request it under with "Query" in the reference line and in the following: If you are interested in literature, please insert the first section of your text in your e-mail. All flicks are fictional speculation, especially in the field of cutting-edge sci-fi or imagination, exploring the world we have never seen before; contemporary/erotic/LGBT/paranormal/historical romanticism; modern or spectacular YA; selected enigmas, mystery stories and urbane imagination.

Please do not submit any medium, chapters or illustrated textbooks to Jen; non-fiction. Requests by e-mail should contain the term "query" in the reference line. In order to contact Jen Udden, e-mail inquiries can be sent to You should receive an enquiry via e-mail containing your inquiry note, a summary of the text and the first five pages of your work.

We respond within four to eight-week periods for complete scripts. You are welcome to register by e-mail if you have not received any news from us within this period. She is particularly interested in the legends of families, historic books and tales that provide a new turn or re-telling.

It does not work with romanticism for adults, sci-fi or imagination. She likes memoirs, narratives and self-help (if not too prescriptive). For more information, please contact with the reference "Query" by e-mail to Add the following: If you are interested in literature, please insert the first section of your text in your e-mail.

She has worked as an editorial assistant at Viking, as an associated at The Friedrich Agentur and as a freelance journalist at NY Book Editors. It specialises in literary literature. It undertakes selected non-fiction book work such as storytelling articles, essay, memoirs and foodwriting. Her special interest is in works by literature writers and various parts of all sorts.

In the main part of your e-mail, please include your request for information, your CV and the first ten pages of your work to Please do not attach your complete script or other material to your e-mail unless asked to do so. Eric: Eric Myers established Myers Literary Management in 2017, after two years with Dystel, Goderich, & Bourret LLC and thirteen years with The Spieler Agency.

He has written Screen Deco: A Celebration of High Style in Hollywood, Forties Screen Style: Eric has a keen interest in young adults and adults literature, especially in the fields of story, life, psychology, healthcare and well-being, body/mind and population.

Please submit a request to For non-fiction inquiries, please add some clauses about the premises of the work and your own backgrounds. Please also insert "non-fiction" in the reference line of your e-mail. If you are interested in literature, please add a few sections and some information about yourself and the first ten pages of your work.

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