Best Literary Agents for first Time Authors

The best women for first authors

To ensure that your work fits well, please read the agency's website before submitting your request. Also keep in mind that an agent almost always gets a better contract, progress, etc. to a writer.

The Agency

The Tessler Literary Agent is a full-service brokerage firm representing both wellestablished and novice writers of sophisticated literature and non-fiction. Dedicated to career planning, we work as our clients' creativity and partnership partners throughout the whole publisher lifecycle. Before submitting their work, the author is the main editor and the publisher is supported in positioning the product in the market through catalogue texts, cover design, market, promotional and introduction strategy.

We have a powerful global co-agency base that promotes the work of our writers on an international scale and places our publications with major international publisher. The Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fair and Book Expo America are regular visitors. Andréw Nurnberg Associates in West and Eastern Europe, China and Latin America; Tuttle Mori in Japan and Thailand; Eric Yang Agency in Korea; the Kayi Agency in Turkey; The Kayi Agency in Greece; and the Deborah Harris Agency in Israel.

For the brokerage of movie, TV and documentaries we cooperate non-exclusively with a number of Hollywood-based agencies. Michel Tessler has been working in the field of printing for over twenty years. Prior to founding her own brokerage firm in 2004, Michelle worked for the William Morris Agent and the renowned Frahlingur Carlisle & Company (now Inkwell Management).

In addition, she worked for seven years in the field of web based contents and web based consulting, starting in 1994 when she was engaged by bestselling writer James Gleick for the first time. Considering the digitally-driven possibilities that are changing the way publishers do things, Michelle's expertise in the web is of great value to her writers, both in navigating e-book resources and in finding ways to promote their works creatively and effectively to engaging and engaging booknies.

She is a member of the Association of Author's Representatives (AAR) and the Women's Media Group. During her tenure, she has participated in a number of writeing-related meetings, such as Words & Music and the Writers' League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference. Masters in English Literature. She specialises in literature and nonfiction, which includes narration, life, story, popular studies, psychological studies, popcultures, commentaries and memoirs.

Rizzoli Books, where Laurie Chittenden (Affiliate Agent) began her bookselling and graduated in English and English from the College of William & Mary in Virginia. In 1993 she came to New York to work for the recently founded Hyperion Publishers, a department of the Walt Disney Group.

A year later she joined Simon & Schuster, where she turned a self-published novel into a New York Times best-seller, introducing the Christmas books series. She has worked with award-winning and best-selling writers, among others, as editor-in-chief at large specialist publishing houses such as St. Martin's Press, HarperCollins, Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster:

Using her vast internal know-how and experience in the field of publication tendencies, Laurie positions and supports writers in the often obscure field of publication. It specialises in women's literature (including literature, books clubs, historic, contemporary, business and young adults) and non-fiction (including memoirs, narratives, folk stories and adventures).

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