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The best women for fiction

FICTION (Adults) Ellen Levine (Trident Media Group) Bill Clegg (The Clegg Agency) Deborah Schneider (Gelfman Schneider/ICM) PJ Mark (Janklow & 1Agents searching for literary fiction NOW There are eleven agents here looking for literary fiction. Frahlingen often distinguish between literary and comercial fiction. To put it briefly, commercially fiction is populare fiction, which belongs to one category. Fiction has a long term impact on society, is characterised by a more sophisticated way of working and is ingenious.

Distinguishing between commercial/genre/popular literature and literary work is not difficult and quick.

The 1984 by George Orwell is fiction of genres (dystopian), and is savagely popular, but it is not classified as economic fiction because it is a work of societal comment. IMPORTANT: You should NEVER check an agents without first visiting the agency's website. Filing needs are changing and agents can shut down their list or move to another one.

Notice: Here you will find a complete listing of tens of new and existing agents who are active in the search for new customers: Agent looking for customers. Mr. Hoffman became a Senior Agent with the Aaron Priest Literary Agency in 2015. He is also active in compiling a full range of fiction and non-fiction writers, ranging from thriller, excitement, mystery stories and literary fiction to non-fiction, political literature, public studies, historiography, memoirs, contemporary affairs and more.

For a one-page request, please email. Do not attachments. However, a first section that is inserted into the text of an email request is accepted. Please contact queryhoffman[@] Before Frahlingin, Caryn worked as a fiction and non-fiction writer at Warner Books/Grand Central Publishing for seventeen years.

She has had an inestimable understanding of the obstacles facing writers throughout the whole editing lifecycle, from the first purchase of the product to promotion, advertising and sales....and she thinks that shameless infatuation with a product is the final weapon in every agent's arsenal: please mail with the words "Query" and the name of your product in the reference line.

For fiction and memoirs, please insert the first five pages of the script into the text of the e-mail. She began her professional life in 2009 with Frahlingur Laura Gross and previously worked as an editorial assistant at various research institutes, among others at the Tauber Institute, where she published works for Brandeis University Press/University Press of New England.

If you have any questions, please contact Manuscripts should not be sent, in whole or in part, unless expressly required. Mr. Kasdin joins Curtis Brown in 2012 as Director of Strategy. Curtis browns eBook programme and advises Curtis browns agents on the development of individual online solutions for their customers with eBook publishing houses and e-business.

Steve has been in the Kindle family for over 20 years. Previously he was Marketing Director at St. Martin's Press, Scholastic and Harcourt, as an agency at Frahlingur Sandra Dijkstra and as a purchaser at Barnes & Noble. If you have any questions about what makes your publication special, a 1-3-page Plot Summary, a short biography (including a brief account of your publisher's story, if any) and the first 40-50 pages of your script as an appendix to the email to skasdin[@]

You ask Steve, don't ask Kerry, not even on that roster. She is looking for literary fiction and sophisticated women's literature, especially tales with an unsurpassed global background, singular sub-cultures, historic clues, magic realisticism and/or powerful, authorized mothers. "In the non-fiction section, I'm interested in buying noteworthy memoir, humorous writings, essays, narratives and pre-scriptive books with powerful forums.

The first 5-10 pages of your paper will be inserted into the text of the e-mail, please submit your request message to stesta[@] More than 20 years of experience in the field of publication, Alison is representing a broad palette of critically acclaimed objects and is active in the fields of lifestyles, popular art, health/wellness, diets, parenthood, selected fiction for medium and young adults and fiction for adults, blurring the boundaries between literature and advertising.

Cornelia has a B.A. in art from Vassar College: enquiries to submissions[@] Add the expression "Search for Alison: Titel ]" in the email message reference line to make sure it gets it and is not blocked as spamming. Insert the first section or the first 10 pages of your work into the text of your e-mail to give it an impression of your letter.

Do not attachments. The Laura collection includes a number of fiction and non-fiction books, both commercially and literarily. Ms. Barnard earned her BA in comparistics from Barnard College and her MA in comparistics and cinema from Columbia University and the University of Paris. She worked as a literary scouts for Maria B. Campbell Associates before she joined SLA in 2009.

Requests by e-mail only: Please write a short request for information (previous releases, etc.), a short summary and the first three sections and/or the suggestion. Enter the term "Inquiry" in the reference line of your e-mail. He has a BA in English language literary studies.

Previously, Shannon was the acquisition editor at Fulcrum Publishing and previously a senior associate at Arnold & Porter in New York. Please email Shannon[@] with the words DOORY in the email reference line.

LaPolla joins Bradford Literary Agency as an agency in 2013. and was appointed to the position of Associate Agency in 2010. She graduated with a B.A. in Visual Writing (Nonfiction) from The New School in 2008 and a B.A. in Visual Writing from Ithaca College. As a representative of MG, YA and adults fiction, Sarah is particularly attracted to the following genres: literary fiction, sci-fi, magic realisticism, dark/psychological mysteries, literary terror and sophisticated comedy.

Requests should be sent by email to kd[@], along with a summary and three example sections. When you interrogate Kerry, don't ask Steve, not even on that Iist.

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