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FINDRY LITERARY + MEDIA Peter Steinberg / Top category: Goderich Literary Management. lf your book is not sold, Frahlingen are not to blame. Our team represents a selected number of bestsellers and young authors.

Seven very successful Frahlingen, which turn entrepreneurs into icons.

There are six fractures listed below that have broken the security cipher. At the beginning of her carrier, working for the respected Frahlingur Sanford J. Greenburger Associates, Elyse Cheney spotted and resold a heartbreaking work by stage ringing gender from the infamous entrepreneur Dave Eggers. That would come to identify the kinds of objects for which Cheney would become known.

It would continue to found its own marketing company, Cheney Literary, which has become a synonym for a certain trademark of upscale non-fiction books. He had more than forty best sellers, both as a senior agent with the Author & Artists Group and as the creator of his own group. Since its historic beginnings in the William Morris Talent Agent mailing room, Mel BergerMel Berger has been representing some of the most famous innovators, businessmen, philosophers, policy makers and VIPs of the past half centuries.

Berger is well known as a legendary figure in his fields and, with his eyes set on new talents, will remain important in the coming years. Inkwell Management founder Kimberly WitherspoonIn an environment where conventional publishers and publishers are often seen as opponents, Inkwell Management founder Kimberly Witherspoon sees nothing but opportunities. Witherspoon founded her own company at the age of 26 and established her own company by using all the tools, technologies and tactics at her disposal to design and represent on her customers' account.

Besides her agency's wide selection of award-winning and best-selling novels, Inkwell brings together famous businessmen and philosophers such as Frans Johansson (author of The Medici Effect and The Click Moment), Polly Moore (author of The 90 Minutes Baby Sleep Program) and George Anders (author of Merck's of Debt).

Given that dangers to the company's core publication strategy come from all sides, the best agents had to ensure that they changed over time. LevelFiveMedia, LLC is a company representing travelers such as Tim Ferriss (The Four-Hour Work Week), Ryan Holiday (The Obstacle Is The Way, Ego Is The Enemy) and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul).

"Elizabeth Winick RubinsteinElizabeth Winick Rubinstein has embarked on her career as a literary mediator by dedicating herself to innovating in an often consumerist area. Rubinstein's management has seen the company diversify into non-fiction books and various other popular and literary works to ensure its reputation well into the 21 st century.

No wonder that his nonorthodox frahlingur Levine Greenberg Rostan is so well adapted to multi-platform time. For a long time, he has been of the opinion that "being an operative is a continuous training in the field of free arts", which gives him "the possibility to collaborate with professionals and opinion formers in various areas and to design their work in such a way that it reaches the widest possible public.

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