Best Independent Book Publishers

The best independent book publishers

is an imprint of the larger Indie publishing group Catapult. The Spanish word for "soul", Alma Books, known for its translations and bestsellers, maintains its standard as "publisher with soul". 7 Stories Press-One by New York's best independent book publishers.

Up to 10 independent presses in New York

have originated from Minneapolis or Columbus - but there is something endemic NY about the kosmopolitan approaches of such publishers, who often specialize in translation books, political non-fiction or marginalised expression. Downstairs are 10 small buildings without which the town and the literatures that support it would lie idle. Catapult is called " launchching remarkable literacy ", and they follow this ethic not only through their publisher wings, but also through courses in typing and an on-line journal, which stands alongside LitHub as one of the main platforms for book discuss.

Rightly hailed as a thriller theatre, the writers of Soho Print (including another hailed little author, Mark Doten) have directed their literature in a particularly iconoclastic vein, releasing great and boundless works such as Hannah Lillith Assadi's Sonora and Matt Bell's In the house upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods.

Ugly Duckling is a sought-after and highly original "micropress" specializing in poem and poem collections and works in translations and artistically created works as well as experimentation and concepts, whose place in the US avant-garde disproves the hand-made impressiveness of the press (stylized with an "e"), its non-profit financing and guerrilla marketability. They have probably seen the beloved Akashic Brooklyn book nir franchise - which includes nir writings from around the globe - or their best-selling adult children's book, Go the F*** to Sleep, but their actual spine is innovation from near and far, which includes Chris Abani, T Cooper and Dennis Cooper, and works by artists like Lydia Lunch and Richard Hell (which makes perfect business when you consider that Akashic was created by the bass player for the rock group Virgins Against Boys).

Begin with his disrespectful blogger, one of his longstanding serials like The Last Interview and The Last Novella - the latter featuring articles by James Baldwin, Jacques Derrida and David Bowie - but the keys are his dependable Griffonzo mind and community-based commitment that has led the media to release such compromise-free books as the new Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.

The Feminist Press was established in 1970 to promote works by women writers of the past and present, including Michelle Tea, Zora Neale Hurston and Virginie Despentes (see her contemporary classic: King Kong Theory).

This is the place to be if you are not already a confirmed New York Review of Books' Classic line aficionado. Led by publisher Edwin Frank, NYRB has since 1999 revived ignored masterworks of all styles and developed into one of the most striking publishers in the land, with books, among them literary and English books, usually presented with curated essay by modern authors and always with a simple layout.

Tyrant is one of the few publishers whose publications are so constantly good that you can buy them almost blindly. Recently, the gap has increased to encompass the celebrated "Preparation For the Next Life" by Atticus Lish and works by Eugene Marten, Gary Lutz and Sam Lipsyte.

With Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan novels and Muriel Barberry's The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Europa Edition has had the greatest success, but the media has not forgotten its independent origins and brings the continent to America - especially the mystery script in Italy, which Europe publishes again and again in perfect quality. As the first Anglophone editor of Karl Ove Knausgård's My Struggle, Archipelago is specialized in translating, but that does not mean that it is subordinate to the primary readership of England; Archipelago recognizes that Rainer Maria Rilke, Julio Cortázar and Halldór Laxness are important in every tongue and publishes his works in beautiful pristine facsimiles.

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