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This is the most popular freelance job site on the Internet, the result of the merger of oDesk and Elance. Have a look around and find the pair that suits you best. Never a better time to be a freelance writer. Finding jobs online ease makes this the best time to start a writing business.

Self-employed job exchanges

Earning consequent income is probably the number one objective all new freelance authors aspire to, isn't it? There is a great deal of good advise - much of it in my diary - on how you can win your first customer and expand your freelance writing work. Suddenly, instead of going out there and beating your little ticker, you're trapped in a cul-de-sac where you're not able to put the pieces together to get payed to type-line.

If you don't want to know everything about freelance writing, you just want to know how you can earn it. That'?s exactly how I began as a freelance author. While I have a few classes that can help you find a steady work, today we are concentrating on where to find a free writing work.

To make it easy, I won't worry about ALL ways to get a writing assignment; I'll just concentrate on one. Cause one way is so much simpler to concentrate on taking measures and actually get out there and do it. So what is the fastest way to get a freelance writing position?

Several of the major freelance authors advise against using freelance employment exchanges. I' ve recounted my history several time that I got my breakthrough at a freelance career site. This was the BEST thing that ever happen to me. I had an event that made me almost complete before I got my first freelance writing work.

I thought then that I'm not a novelist. Damn, I'm not even the best author out there. So when I got my first freelance writing position, my self-esteem shot through the attic. Since then I ended up with more and more jobs, worked with more blogs and found my lucrative corner!

Self-employed typing is ideal for new freelance authors. As you can see, although there are ways to get work done without using a career site, if you are new, this is the best way to find consistency and long-term work. But not all employment exchanges are the same.

Content is a jobs exchange that cures all jobs on-line - and not only from other jobs exchanges. Whilst this is a paying jobs board, I like the fact that I have the choice to size by jobs by class or by niche. What do I like? But I just don't have the case to go finished all the duty class out location and for a multitude of freelance literate, you should be spending the gathering of your case on work that ending in a film ending (object product).

Contena allows you to do this. A further neat characteristic of using this remunerated online employment service is Contena Alert. They define the alert with the desired criterions - like tariff or catagory - and Contena gives you only these correspondences. CONTAINA also has Pro Ratings, which show you the avarage tariffs within an branch (e.g. travelogues).

The information comes from current freelance authors and corporate information. So if you are new and want to see how much you can earn in your alcove, Contena Pro Rat can help you determine your price. When you are interested in registering with Contena, use my 10% off 10% off codes Elna 10.

The ProBlogger is a free online recruitment site and for many authors it is one of the best for free recruitment sites. I' ve used ProBlogger a great deal when I began, but it can be a little aggressive as many blogs and freelance users know about this site.

New to freelance writing, look here to see what's new. Many of these jobs are not highly paid, but if all you want is to get a real career start, consider using this one. itching is all in the numbers, so be ready to throw several rounds a days on this or any other jobs exchange to get a show.

They can click on a jobs resource and view only jobs on that site. You can also easily see what the offers are for the days of the freelance writing platforms. And I like this site because it grabs resources from Craigslist and other jobsites, which saves you a lot of valuable casting work.

BlogsgingPro is a free jobs page that classifies jobs by kind - freelance, internship, contract, part-time or temporary - so when you look through the offers, make sure they are "freelance" or "anywhere". For my part, I haven't seen a show on this site yet, but I know that other well-known authors have vowed to do so.

Like the name suggests, you'll probably find a bunch of blogs, but that doesn't mean you won't find any other guys like diary managment or copyright. The All Indie Writers is a great freelance writing advice for you. There is a freelance market place to see what publishers are paying, as well as a freelance jobs exchange that is curating jobs from several locations, the Craigslist included.

That will save you a great deal of valuable work and will help you organise your orders according to prices. You can even subscribe to the RSS newsfeeds to be notified of new posts. Many freelance employment exchanges exist. One of them get payed, like Contena, while others are free, like ProBlogger.

Being a new author, you spent most of your life finding work. That means going to the world' s leading employment fairs every single workday. To help with this, I have a free course on payment to post on-line. Register for my free six-day e-mail course and get even more practical hints to help you to be successful as a freelance author.

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