Best free Writing Apps

The best free writing apps

To see a deep dive comparison of the different writing applications, have a look at my free guide at We've put together some of the best iPad apps for authors that not only help you write, but also make sure you're on the right track! Complimentary iPad apps for kids: There's a good selection of productivity applications that can help you. We have the solution if you are looking for apps to write a book.

The Top 5 FREE Writing Apps for your Mobile Device

Over the last few years we have seen the fast-paced development of our portable equipment. More and more users are using their portable device to manage their day-to-day work. In a café, out in a hotel, or somewhere abroad, we're always on the phone, e-mailing and trying to do something.

Undoubtedly, our portable gadgets will become an important part of our life and apps are the ones that change the way we do and work. It wasn't long ago that the authors could only select between a few apps, but thanks to Steve Jobs and the iPad launch, everything has been different.

Today, you can select from among several hundred applications specifically developed for authors. There is only one problem: to find the right application, so let's take a look at some of the best and most useful! Werdsmith " turns your iPhone, iPad and even your Apple Watch into a mobile writing room so you can type anywhere.

You can also define the writing styles and vocabulary objectives you want to pursue. Your entire work is saved and available on all your machines and in theoud. Cometdoc' PDF to Word Converter allows you to quickly and precisely translate PDF files directly on your workstation.

Such as, every single times you need to process some old ones instead of re-entering them, you can use this application to transform them into Word and then process the text. And the big deal is that you can directly migrate Gmail email attachment and file from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive from the application, which is useful for those who want to keep it all in the clouda.

You can even turn even your best scanning and advanced PDF files into PDF files using industry-leading OCRs. Coffitivity" allows you to simulate the noises of a coffeeshop so that you can increase your creative powers and work better - that's how easy it is. There are a variety of coffeeshop tones to work in.

PDF Merge" allows you to merge two or more PDF files directly on your machine into one. Just think, you have many PDF files on your machine and on different clouds, but you want to group them all in one single file. Even rearrange or remove pages you don't like and then redistribute the new creation or open it in other applications.

Support for the Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive clouds. Your application will not discharge your batteries because the entire operation is performed on the server and not on your machine. Dragon Dictation" lets you take freehand memos when your imagination strikes you without having to touch or look at your machine.

Being an author I believe that you will find a great help for all these applications. Did I miss adding one of your favourite applications to this mailing lists? Which is your own writing application of your own choosing and did you use one of the above apps?

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