Best Fiction Writers

The best fiction writers

All of us writers have our favourites and I am no exception. The podcast for would-be fiction authors: Books for Kids - Best Space Books and Sci-Fi: When you' re new and unsure of how to get (and keep!) the best science fiction writers, they are often described as some of the most creative minds in the world. You learn to write best by reading.

The best of 2017: the fiction lists

New Zealand's award-winning author Emily Perkins talks about the letter -making and the value of fiction. With a little bit of nerves, the English author of the much-loved How to Train Your Dragon textbooks came close to her latest children's work. Now, more than ever, we need the truth of the novel and the private sphere and submission of literary expression, says Richard Flanagan, the author of Australia.

Charlotte Wood's latest novel, The Natural Way of Things, was written in Australia and inspires the secret story of one of Australia's most infamous state bodies. In his latest novel, A Long Way From Home, the author, who lives in New York, deals with the incriminating and embarrassing parts of Australia's aborigine story.

So who are some of the best mystery writers in the whole wide globe?

All of us writers have our favourites and I am no different. Jeremiah Ellroy is also very good. They are both criminal procedures and great mystery stories. But, for my dough, Raymond Chandler was the best mystery novelist of all time. He' virtually created the'hard-boiled' investigator. I' d rather be happily dead if I could put it that way - and believe me, that's just an example.

Often the best are the worse. The favourite of one individual is another's mince. There is no particular order - except the first - in which you will find a list of mystery authors who are regarded by many as some of the best in the game. MacDonald - my favourite.

He is best known for his Travis McGee range, but has many other outstanding titles, some of which have been made into films. One of the most famous figures in fiction is his Sherlock Holmes. Dekan der hart gekochten Schule der Detektivliteratur. Mickey Spillane - Most reviewers hate him, but his critic calls his personality Mike Hammer - "a murderous paranoiac" - took the hardcore investigator approach one notch further than most others.

They are all older authors (what shall I say, I am an older reader) and this listing could cover several pages, there are many mystery writers out there, many of them very good. The half of the pleasure of literary readings is to discover writers you like. There is a continuity in the process of criminal activity.

At the other end of the continent, Karin Slaughter's work is sometimes extreme and visually destructive - but not free of charge. Also, she is a writer of fantastic interesting and complicated personalities. So the thing about criminal writings is this: personalities have to develop. A lot of authors don't make the effort to make their villains more than two-dimensional, and that's rotten script.

Simenon was one of the first master psychologists from the top of my brain to study morals and the understanding of the world under the cover of a comedy. The Killer Inside Me, Pop. In contrast to most mystery writers, he was living among the figures he was writing about.

The pseudonym of Donald Westlake for his show about a rogue, known only as Parker, a cool and violent pro. The handwriting, like the man, is slender and firm. The Rebus Series: Ian Rankin, Henning Mankell (a Swedisch author, translates into English, the Kurt Wallander series), Arnaldur Indridason (Icelandic author, the Erlendur series).

Most of the Scandinavian-Nordic writers have written outstanding detective stories/police procedures. I personally like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who has written the Sherlock Holmes fiction and shorts. In fact, he solved several felonies using Sherlock Holmes' techniques before writing the accounts. It' exploring how Sherlock thinks very scientifically.

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