Best Fantasy Book Series

Best Fantasy Book Series

The book is number one on many of our lists. I'm not apologizing, because that show really is the best fantasy out there. Best fantasy book series. From Lily King. Explore the best fantasy in bestsellers.

I admit that some of the middle books are slow, and the series is too big.

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Well, some people compare fantasy with a hobbit or a magical cupboard. That is the prettiness of the game. The imagination lives on the creations of new universes, types and magical systeme. Allows for the unimaginable - fairies falling in enchantment with human beings and children on the streets.

Phantasy leads the reader into adventure with cosmopolitan rogues and unselfish characters (or sometimes even gentle rogues and immoral heroes). Fantasy is a dazzling style of awesome power and glowing youth. In celebration of the legacy of the genre, we' ve compiled a collection of the best fantasy series of all times.

Have fun browsing our selection (in alphabetic order by series title), and post your favourites in the commentaries.

What fantasy series did I miss?

I' m a big fantasy buff. Therefore, a listing of the main fantasy series as my first offical readinglist makes sence. My selected series are a mixture of well-known and wellestablished " fantasy columns " and fascinating newcomers to the category. Avoiding kids' literature (with the except for The Hobbit), I confined myself to fantasy as compared to other subgenres and offshoots.

It is my hopes that if you are a lifelong fantasy enthusiast like me, you will see some strong columns of the game, while also discover some new and exciting music. If you are new (or relatively new) to the imagination of readers, you will see the best this category has to show.

Without the reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, any listing of the major fantasy series would be completely unfinished; no matter how much their appeal may entice you to let them go without mentioning them. In fact, without these ledgers it is quite possible that the imagination as we know it today would just not be there.

When The Hobbit was released in 1937, there was a dramatic decline in interest in fantasy music. Tolkien's one-of-a-kind way of telling stories and the incredibly detailled fictitious fiction was realised in "The Lord of the Rings" and later in "The Silmarillion", which reawakened worldwide interest in fantasy writing and solidly establishes many valuable fantasy trophies.

You know why these are so important for the book industry, but you also know that regardless of their place at the base of contemporary fantasy - they are simply fantastic. If, on the other side, you just happened to be one of the few happy people who want to read this series for the first in their lives, then you've come to the right place.

Lord of the Rings: The rings of might were made in antiquity by the elven forges, and Sauron, the Dark Lord, made one ring and filled it with his own strength so that he could govern all the others. Sauron's authenticity in the Dark Tower of Mordor gave him sway.

He collected all the great rings, but he was always looking for the one ring to round off his reign. As Bilbo reaches his thirty-first anniversary, he vanished, bequeathed his young collegue Frodo the ruling ring and a dangerous quest: to travel through Middle-earth, deeply into the shadows of the Dark Lord, and to ruin the ring by throwing it into the cracks of doom.

Lord of the Rings talks about the great search of Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring: Associated reading: Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time (WoT) leads a brief listing of fantasy series that are sure to be in the same division as The Lord of the Rings.

Indeed, with Tolkien's work more than half a hundred years old many new fantasy enthusiasts find WoT much more exciting and enjoyable. WoT's first book - The Eye of the Welt - was released in 1990 and has been dominating the book category for the last 23 years (and 14 novels!) and has attracted the attention of billions of readers around the globe.

The advanced state of the art and the magic system make diving into this series all too simple. In what is known as the Third Era, history follows the confrontations that lead to a definitive clash between The Dark One (a god-like being who wants to kill the times and enslave mankind) and The Dragon Reborn (a yet unidentified prophecy designed to rescue the planet but do so.

An Eye on the World (WoT Book 1): The three men in the group seem to respond specifically to these darks: they are the ones with the most power: Her life is rescued by happiness and the interventions of an Aes Sedai by the name of Moiraine Damodred and her warden Al'Lan Mandragoran - operatives of a mighty organisation of females who are able to canalise the One Force, known as The White Tower.

The Moiraine and Lan leave the group on the dark side of Emond's fields, persecuted by the foe, in the hope of finding security and responses to the dark man's interest in the young men. Whole series:: An Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin is the third and last part of what I would call "Pillars of Fantasy".

" These series and the first two are generally indisputable in view of their "must read" state. As a matter of fact, many non-Fantasy reader may already be acquainted with this series as a consequence of the recent HBO aptitude. In his first book, A Game of Thrones, released in 1996, the only criticism I have heard about this series is how long it will take for new instalments to come out.

It is not unusual in this series to have four to six years between them. I found that disappointing, but in the end every book was waiting. This series is set in a life-long summer and winter environment. Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire Book 1):

They have ruled the northern hemisphere for some considerable amount of while guarding the great icy outcrop. However, her life changes drastically and the empire gets into turmoil when Lord Eddard Stark's nomination as "Hand of the King" draws an honourable man into the South. Whole series::

Ranked fourth by Stephen King's The Dark Tower because I have the feeling that his series closes the gulf between what I call the "Pillars of Fantasy" and the harvest of the "promising newcomers" below. Its seven book series are a kind of weird ballgame from this booklet.

Like Quentin Tarantino, Stephen King is a fantasy writer. The Dark Tower King combines westerns, sci-fi and fantasy in a masterly seven-part thriller ride. That' s it. It is his quest to find the Dark Tower, a legendary edifice that is considered the neexus of all universe before it disintegrates and everything is wasted.

And whole realms have just vanished. It is only at the Dark Tower that Roland can face the Purple King and try to make things right. The series is particularly interesting because it is a meta-history that links all of Stephen King's other works. That means, once you've seen The Dark Tower, you can take up any of the more than 50 other books Stephen King has composed and at some point find a link or link to this key Roland and The Dark Tower storyline.

Gunslinger (The Dark Tower Book 1): However, he met Jake, a youngster from a certain period (1977) and a certain place (New York City), and soon the two are united - hef, ka und ka-tet. Just like the man in the dark and somewhere far beyond.... the Dark Tower.

Whole series:: The Mistborn is the first series of the unbelievably gifted and highly productive Brandon Sanderson. Sanderson quickly became the great fantasy stars with the above occupation of authors either dead or in years (may one long life and flourish G.R.R.R.M. and S.K.). Even if he hadn't been the one who would have ended WoT, his present state as " it-guard" is well earned in the moment by his own work.

Mistorn is the latest crown gem in a fast-growing product family. 1,000 years after "the prophecy hero" did not rescue the earth and actually "became evil", the history of Mistorn begins. Gonzalez called himself the ruler, enslaving humanity and founding the kingdom. The majority of the people ( "Skaa") are members of a group of slaves considered exclusively the exclusive possession of the nobility; descendents of the ruler's closest acquaintances and followers since the beginning of his millennial existence.

In the beginning, the ruler gave the nobility the allomancy. Specific genetic traits, the "Mistings" and the much stronger "Mistborn", determined telecinetic forces associated with different kinds of metal that they "burn" after ingestion. It' led by a doucheborn. Das letzte Reich (Mistborn Book 1):

A mixture of robbery thrillers and fantasy. Led by the invincible Kelsier - an unbelievably uncommon Skaa Mistborn, who came too far into his lifetime - the team tries to cheat, murder or otherwise destroy the nobility, the ruler and his most perilous favorites.

Whole series:: The series is similar to Mistborn, as it came onto the stage a little bit unexpected and gained widespreadity. Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle Book 1): Whole series:: The Demon Circle by Peter V. Brett is the latest in this fantasy series, which I noticed at the end of December 2012.

However, the feeling it gave me in the brief period between then and now is enormous. That' s exactly where the series comes in. Warded Man (Demon Cycle Book 1): Whole series:: What fantasy series did I miss? There are bound to be some people who don't agree with my shortlist of the most important fantasy series.

Oh, and if you're looking for a really solid and less verbose book of good fantasy readings, take a look at this amazing contribution on Reddit.

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