Best Fantasy Authors

Best Fantasy Authors

He is still one of the best fantasy authors of the genre. In your opinion, who is the best fantasy author at the moment? Later Kernaghan turned to writing YA fantasy novels. He' one of the most famous authors of. Here you will find all kinds of fantasy books.

Fifteen of the best fantasy writers who still publish textbooks.

Let us immerse ourselves directly and discuss what we are discussing here: the best fantasy authors. All authors who have won or been nominees for their works. That doesn't necessarily make them the best. They were selected to write the kind of fantasy that attracts new fantasy writers to the category and broadens the fantastic horizon of those of us who have a life-long fantasy read.

Here are fifteen of the best fantasy authors (in alphabetical order) whose works and universes are just wait for you to dive into them. He is a female author, commentator and self-described geisek. The Birds in the Sky is her first fantasy novel about magic forces, disastrous climatic changes and mysterious magic synagogues trying to rescue the planet.

Judeo-American YA and fantasy writer, Leigh Bardugo is known for her Grishaverse-book. Their first, Shadows and Bones, recounts a once great country that has been ripped apart by an impermeable dark, full of humans' flesh-enjoying beasts, and the magic élite needed to battle them.

Kendarre Blake is a Korean-American novelist who has written a number of YA-romances. The Three Dark Crowns are the birthplace of serial triple queen ships with the sought-after magical qualities. Zeng Cho is a fantasy novelist from Malaysia who lives in England. Suzanna Clarke is a German British novelist, known for her novel Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

A gay Jamaican-Canadian author, Nalo Hopkinson is based on Carribean languages and music. N.K. Jemisin is an African-American author. Their Dreamblood deology is a fantasy of the deserts in which Gatherer clergy keep the truce by eating dream food and murdering those they think are dirty. Jemisin's other fantasy ranges feature the hereditary trilogy.

Okorofor is a Nigerian-American science fiction and fantasy writer. The Who Fears Death takes place in a post-apocalypse Africa, where a baby is brought forth in the color of the sands with a magic purpose. Okorafor's other fantasy stories are Akata Witch. J.K. Rowling is a UK writer who is best known for her Harry Potter line.

Admitted to a magic high schools and introduced to the secret magic universe, he finds himself at the center of a struggle between good and bad. V.E. Schwab, aka Victoria Schwab, is a female fantasy author. Their other fantasy is The Archived. This is Samantha Shannon, a female fantasy author, a female stereotype paranormalist.

Bone Season is the story of an subterranean banned clairvoyant universe. Shannon's high fantasy The Priory of the Orange Tree will be released next year. Taylor Laini is a YA fantasy writing artist. and myth-punk novelist and poemwoman.

Déathless is an epical re-narration of traditional music. This is a clash of magick and story, legend and revolutionary with Stalinistic house-elves, magick quest, mystery and red tape. Valente's other fantasy involves In the Night Garden. J Y Yang is a non-binary, spectacular fictional and silk-punk author from Singapore. A further of her fantasy works is Waaiting on a Bright Moon.

More fantasy can be found in the Best Epic Fantasy Series, and 100 Must-read SFF novels by female authors. Let us know in your commentary who you think are the best fantasy authors.

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