Best English Writers

The best English writers

It was Virginia Woolf who described it as the only English novel "for adults". Here's something that could cause a shock: Shakespeare is not the most influential writer in the English language. No doubt he's not even the best.

Shakespeare is not the most powerful author in the English speaking world.

Shakespeare is not the most powerful author in the English speaking world. Undoubtedly, he's not even the best. Undoubtedly the glove maker's son from Stratford is the most celebrated, mythological and educated of all English writers. Shakespeare's words have penetrated our daily languages (did you know that he used the term "green-eyed monster" to describe envy?).

So if you want to know how important his work was, just take a look at a small part of this talk by the English academician Professor William D Kohlbrener. Every other author had to make up for Milton. While you may never have even read of him, Charles Olson's writings and thoughts on speech is one of the deepest determinants of the English-speaking world in the second half of the 20th centuries.

Projective Vers, his essays, re-connected the human form with the spirit and placed the act of physically transcribing it at the center of the poet's awareness. As Olson recalled an ever more intellectually minded realm of the meaning of sound, feeling, flavor, volume and strength, he was injecting the English tongue with a dash of pulsating vitality so urgently needed.

Stone wrote at a period of unbelievable contemporaryist enthusiasm: the twenties. Your experiential but curious manuscripts and verses were cubistic verbal images that somehow worked wonderfully as verses or novel. Birth and upbringing of a Londoner who was one of the unsung English protagonists and still is to some degree.

This is his great gift to the English language: to make it palpable, vivid through the use of images and line lengths. Blake's extreme poetic visuality, enormously evocative and true to the truth, which also introduces the "free verse" (verse without austere rhymes or meters), was in many ways a forerunner of postmodernism.

While the English established refused him during and after his life, US writers have suspended his visions - from Walt Whitman to Allen Ginsberg. Like Gertrude Stein, better with accuracy than Orwell, but sometimes as lyrical as Milton, Beckett is a novelist who deals with the most serious themes (death, nullity, decline, waiting, desperation ) with clowns wit and intricate, powerful but finely composed mottos.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest writers of all time: Besides his theater and his novel trilogy, his works on fiction are unbelievably touching and very poetry-like - try texts for nothing and Ill Seen Ill Said.

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