Best Ebook self Publishing Companies

Best-of-breed ebook self-publishers

Let's take a look at EBOOK Publishing. - Self-publish' is the place where you publish and sell your own book instead of relying on a Frahlingen or a publisher. Smshwords is the largest eBook distributor for self-publishers. Consequently, many ebook publishers were created to help prospective authors. Worldwide distribution of e-books and print books under one roof.

Best 10 eBook Self-Publication Plattforms

CreateSpace gives you easy accessibility to utilities, print shops, eBook sales and email sales so you can create more possibilities than you could have expected - all while growing your readership. Our service allows you to resell your book for a small part of the costs of conventional production while retaining more complete mastery of your work.

We' re making it easy for you to sell your products through online retailing, your own website and other bookshops, shops, libraries and academia. Use Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to create your own publications in the Amazon Kindle Store. You can make changes to your work anytime. Once published and reaching audiences around the world.

Publication time is less than 5 min. Publication of your volume within 24h. Share your work on Kindle equipment and free Kindle applications. A pioneer in the self-publishing sector, Lulu opened the way for publishers around the globe to launch and distribute their work while giving writers full mastery of their work.

Lulu's truly international sales organization enables writers to access their audiences virtually anywhere via printing, e-reader and tablets. Lulu is the world' s largest self-publishing organization, enabling individuals in more than 225 nations and territories to produce nearly two million self-published works, of which 1.5 million a year.

Post your book on Google Plays and get millions of viewers around the globe. You can discover and preview your favorite Google Book on Google Plays using the world's most famous Google Book searching machine. Our partner center makes it simple for you to post your book contents, price them and select the country where you want to distribute your work.

You' re an writer with a best-seller just waitin' to be spotted? obo Writing Life is the do-it-yourself web site from a single source. Smshwords is the world's biggest distribution company for Indie-Ebooks. It is quick, free and simple for any writer or publishers, anywhere in the global, to release and deploy e-books to large retail outlets.

Our free of charge tool for selling, meta data managment and selling reports. Smashwords gives our writers and editors full mastery over the production, price and commercialization of their work. If you are a publishing house, you are in the process of finding the quickest and most cost-effective way to get your book into the hand of an enthusiastic buy.

Designed to be the most complete and personalized way to print and deliver your book in today's publishing environment. LIGHNING SQURCE provides global publishing industry professionals with global enterprise value. Ability to gain easy entry to domestic market around the globe. Issuuu is the fastestgrowing publishing plattform in the global market with over 15 million titles.

Every and every fortnight, million of enthusiasts come here to view the free books published by enthusiasts from around the world on subjects related to fashions, lifestyles, art, sport and the world of the world. We also have a number of independant publishing houses using the Issuuu Net to attract new supporters every single working days.

The Booktango is the latest e-book publishing invention from Author Solutions - the global industry leaders in this area. We have already assisted more than 140,000 writers to launch, advertise and launch more than 170,000 new work. No longer will you have to fight your way through bewildering e-book publishing gadgets, forcing you to either give up all your controls or find out for yourself.

Booktango gives you entry to the genius of dialy, the right blend of time-saving business service and a vast ecosystem of the most sought-after resellers so you can get an e-book that will rock. AuthorHouse, a trademark of Author Solutions, is the world' premier self-publishing and publishing marketer.

AuthorHouse provides each writer with a dedicated publishing advisor to guide them through the entire publishing experience. AutorHouse offers a wide range of utilities and support that allow writers to make their own decisions throughout the publishing world. The advanced nucleus enables you to take advantage of both older and the latest publishing technology.

It is an on-line bookshop that offers printed and e-books on all topics - from ordinary to extraordinary and ecological - by new writers. As companies like Adobe authoring solutions (owners of AuthorHouse, Xlibris, iUniverse, Trafford and more) push writers out of between a thousand and ten thousand bucks (which we bet most writers will never get back on the resulting booksales ), BookLocker is going in the opposite directions - with new publishing packs for every dollar.

In response to many requests, we have introduced a free D.I.Y. publishing program where writers can send in pre-formatted PDFs without paying set-up charges. The Pressbooks is an easy-to-use bookwriting application that lets you write a work in all the file sizes you need for publishing. PRESSBOOK provides print-ready CreateSpace, IngramSpark and Lightning Source as well as ebook data optimised to look good in all ebook shops:

iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Plays and more. Self-publication made simple. Retain 100% of your copyrights and 100% of your royalty with Outskirt Press's full-service publishing and publishing solution. Outsourcing Press provides you with the best of both worlds linking the benefits of self-publishing with the benefits of publishing traditionally.

You' ll get the support of a committed group of publishing pros before, during and after publishing, while retaining 100% of your publishing privileges and 100% of your earnings. You can even get your own R.R. Bowker ISBNs with our private label imprint and IBN options (for 20% less than they cost you). iUniverse publishing and authorsemarketing service providers are the premier providers of booksharing, editing and self-publish.

Originally focussed on business-to-consumer print-on-demand publishing, this publishing service provides us with strong relationships that enable us to offer our writers outstanding opportunities and assistance. iUniverse' senior executive staff has a wealth of editing and commercial expertise with established publishing houses. The Xlibris publishing house was founded by writers for writers.

Concentrating on the needs of creatives and performers and how to use cutting-edge technologies and new publishing technologies, we offer publishing support and service to the author. No matter if you are authoring a work, advertising your work, looking for on-line publishing service or a self-publisher to release your work, Xlibris' extensive offering of publishing, editing, add-on and merchandising service allows you to personalize your self-publishing experiences.

We have a competent publishing professional staff at your disposal every single stage to help you through the self-publication processes.

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