Best Ebook self Publishing

Best-of-breed Ebook Self-Publication

Explore how to convert your novel to epub or mobi ebook formats. Successfully self-publishing: How to promote your own eBooks and prints (Books for Writers 1)

As part of Joanna Penn's own self-publishing methods, Successful Self-Publishing is both an introductory essay on the thoughts that implied by the author and self-published author (the two concepts are also distinguished within the book), and a hands-on demo of a walk along the marketing-hopper - as a free and cursorical exploration of the issues that Penn offers in other textbooks and in other information resources and service offerings.

It is not a bad thing that this is not a full, extensive collegiate coursework. It discusses the fundamentals in a clear and easy-to-understand way that allows you to familiarize yourself with the topic without getting overtaxed, but provides web references to the author's other, more specialized titles and web resources if you want to dive deeper.

It is a blessing for a beginner (making it easy to get started) as well as a promotional tool for self-published writers, as it offers a free "sampler" and encourage readers to look at the author's other contents when, after having read this free first volume, they have the feeling that the writer is really something of a worthwhile time: a precious way to become known in a mature e-book world.

Subjects of this band includes e-book self-publishing for literature and non-fiction; self-publishing cheap and efficient in printing; reflections for processing, coverage designing, and more in do-it-yourself methodologies, and for finding expert help to what degree you want it; how to make your work efficient through both remunerated and unremunerated methodologies, and the advantages and disadvantages of each; and more subjects that do not immediately spring to my mind as I type this check.

It feels like this is a worthwhile work and I will check Joanna Penn's other work when it allows me to spend it. As this is a free publication, there is actually no need for you not to do the same thing yourself - unless you are simply not interested in the topic, and at this point I will be amazed if you do.

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