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As a blogger or entrepreneur, one of the biggest feelings you get is writing and publishing your first eBook. Best online platforms to publish your ebook. Selling your eBook through Amazon as a retailer would be a pretty stupid step. Which are the best websites for self-publishing an eBook? In reality, you can become the next bestselling author without spending money.

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E-book sells are $9. 7 billion in 2016, more than three times this year' s $3. 2 billion in revenues, according to a recent review by Juniper Research. Writers, small publishing houses and affiliates marketing companies are offering writers and small publishing houses a burgeoning chance to become e-book providers and e-book providers. There is a listing of ebook publishing resources here.

Presenting ebook storage and ebook aggregator is a portal to the retail industry. The Amazon Kindle Store. Over one million Amazon Kindle Store items are sold digitally. Support Portable Document Format (PDF), Amazon's Kindle Format (AZW) and Mobipocket (MOBI). If you want to post a book in the Kindle Store, visit Kindle Direct Publishing.

License fees are 70 per cent for securities valued between $2. 99 and $9. 99, which are at least 20 per cent lower than the lower listed cost for the printed copy of the securities. The license fee for other prizes is 35 per cent. Partners are earning up to 15 per cent commission. The Amazon Kindle Store.

Nook Barnes & Noble books. In order to advertise in the Barnes & Noble Shop, go to the pub! page. License fees are 65 per cent for securities valued between $2. 99 and $9.99. The license fee for other prizes is 40 per cent. Affiliate earns 6 per cent commission. Bookstore. Apple's iBookstore records over 700,000 books.

In order to post to the iBookstore, you need to refer to the requests and the use. Licence fee is 70 per cent. As a publisher, Apple only pays when they comply with terms of use and income levels that differ from country to country. An ebook aggregator can help small publishing houses to make their payments more quickly. Store Sony Reader. Sony Reader Store is listing over 1.

Reader Store does not allow freelance writers to post directly. Writers and small publishing houses have to go through an aggregate like Smashwords. With Smashwords on Sony, your license fee is 60 per cent. Store Sony Reader. In order to post on Kobo, writers and small publishing houses must use Smashwords or e-BookIt.

As well as the license fees, Kobo will charge a $29 to convert the software, and Kobo partners will receive up to 25% commission. Fuel eBook Shop. Diesels eBook Store list about 2. In order to be published on Diesels, writers and small publishing houses have to go through Smashwords. Partners deserve 10 per cent commission.

eBookstore. The Google eBookstore list over 3 million tracks. Writers and small publishing houses can enter their work through the Google Booking Affiliate Program. eBookstore. Smshwords releases and sells notebooks to Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple, Kobo and Diesel. Writers and editors have full mastery over how their works are republished, collected, evaluated and distributed.

There are a wide range of utilities to help writers promote their work. When the eBook is sold, Smshwords will pay a license fee of 60 per cent of the sales value. BuchBaby releases and circulates e-books to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Apple. Publishers retain 100 per cent of the profit sharing from e-commerce.

At Lulu, we publish and distribute e-books to Apple and Barnes & Noble. We offer a wide range of editing and publishing support as well as authoring support such as coverage type, editing and proofreading. Lulu will pay 90 per cent of the author's bookstore royalty for a certain period of the year. FAST PENCIL releases and sells e-books to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Apple.

For FastPencil, a $149 and 20 per cent royalty is charged by merchants. Payment is quaterly. iBookIt. iT releases and sells e-books to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple and Kobo. iBookIt provides data converting and checking for formats. iBookIt calculates an advance charge that starts at $49 if the eBook is provided in an ePub form and 15% of the license fees of on-line merchants.

Payment is made on a month-to-month basis. eBookIt.

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