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Find out who your audience is and how you can best serve them with your writing. A lot of authors struggle with understanding the best format for ebooks. Which is the best format for my eBook publishing?

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A lot of authors are struggling with the comprehension of the best size for e-books. There is no easy way to ask: "What is the best file size for my emailing? It is for authors who plan to publish their books in electronic notation. It is the aim of this paper to give a brief explanation of the technological aspect of the creation of ebooks.

Through this I mean this article gives you enough information for you to make an informed decision about the best way to transform your Word/Pages/OpenOffice dossier into an e-book. TIP - There is more than one kind of e-book and not all e-readers are reading every sorts. Are you learning the most important concepts behind e-book formats?

E-books are very different from those produced with text processing programs such as Office, Pages and OpenOffice. On the most fundamental layer, text and styles have been merged into each other. That is, if you make a text cursive, it will be inserted as an asterisk in the text; regardless of which text editor program is used to open the text, the text will italicize.

This is different in a virtual e-book book case. There are two very important things that occur when converting a Microsoft Office doc to a readable eReader format: The' Styling' is saved in a seperate data set. Let's say you are writing the following phrase in a Microsoft Office document: The phrase contains one single operative italic.

Then if you would convert it into a standard e-reader you would get two things. The phrase contains one single operative term in cursive. Second would be a seperate filename (called a CSV file) that informs iReader that the term is italicized in this set.

If the eReader displays the phrase, it will first display the text and then it will use the eReader to set the term italic. If you are using a text editor, one page is one page. Understanding why you need to think about how e-books are used. We don't know which machine a readers will use to view your books.

You could see it on a Kindle, but you could also see it on an iPhone or one of many other gadgets. So if we were creating e-books with a pack of page sizes in mind, they would not properly fit onto any gadget but the ones we had in mind when evolving the e-book.

That means that as an e-book maker you need to stop worrying about pages and just think about the text. Which are the most important e-Book-format? Hopefully the last section showed that e-book layouts are very different from text processing spreadsheets (Word, Pages etc.). Briefly, a text processing document cannot work on an eReader unit, it is simply not properly configured (Word documents are FIXED LAYOUT digitally, while eReader requires reflownable text).

To make your eReader readable on an eReader unit, you must conversion it to a binary file to be read. A number of notebook formats are out there. and Mobi. In fact, all your downloads (including epubs and mobi) are a set of them. To those with a bit of engineering expertise, they are just packed in zips, but instead of referring to them as zips, we call them epoxy

It is more like a website than a Word document. Indeed, a numerical data set has a closely related website and share many shared structure characteristics. Though a side remark, many folks believe that in the end e-books are widely used in web browers, but we are digressing. You would find many smaller ones if you opened one Epub or Mobi document.

Contains all epoxy and mobile files: This is a JUST text containing the pure, non-formatted text. This is a text editor for eReader (this is your text, remind you of the italics?). A lot of other data containing all kinds of other information, such as pictures, ISBN, your name, etc.

It is important because some folks tell you that the conversion of a text processing data set into an EPSB (.ebook) is easy. When an electronic document (Epub/Mobi) is not properly prepped, you may have a big issue if your product is reading on a machine you haven't tried (think Kobo and Sony Reader).

Even if you use the conversion utilities provided by Amazon, there is no guarantee that they will create a'clean' one. This is Epub. What is Epub? Now you should realize that you need a certain type of electronic data in order to view a single eReading device properly. As suggested by the posh-sounding International Publishing Forum, the default is the Epub.

It is an open file system, i.e. it does not belong to any business or equipment. Being the default file size, MOST eReader displays an epoxy. Indeed, it is very simple to open an e-pub with many free utilities that allow you to view an e-pub on your computer.

It' even possible to view an e-pub in a web browsing application like Firefox. But what really matters are eReader and there are a number of important gadgets that will be reading Epub: Kindle will not be reading epoxy-data. That' right, the Kindle does NOT choose to allow reading epoxy data.

It is not clear whether Amazon's decision not to show epoxyds will change in the near-term. While some believe this will be the case, others believe that Amazon eReaders will still overpower Epub. So, what's Mobi? When Epub is the general-purpose e-book file system, what is Mobi?

Mobi is Amazon's Epub game. Essentially, Amazon has optimized the Epub file size to produce Mobi file that can only be viewed as Mobi only. This means that if you want to buy a copy of a Kindle you have no other option than to buy it from the Amazon-Shop.

This also means that if you buy a Mobi sized manual, you cannot download it to a machine that is not capable of reading Mobi spreadsheets. This means that you have no choice but to create TWO of your book's electronic eBooks - Epub and Mobi. Good tidings are that once you have an epub it is a very easy conversion to Mobi.

Through this point I hope that you now realize why you need to transcode to a binary e-book and you have no choice but to generate an epub and mobi as well. There are three ways to conversion from a text processing to Epub/Mobi files (Word/Pages/OpenOffice):

When uploading to Ipad and Kindle reader, it is possible to use a tool they offer to help you translate your work. That means you can't just self-publish your books to Apple. It allows you to have your books uploaded to a range of machines as well.

Although they do not bill for this facility, they take a small slice of every product that is on sale. It is an on-line system with which you can input your text and transform it into Epub. The Smashword free mincer may be the ideal choice for you and your work.

Swashwords fixes the Epub issue, but what about the Kindle? It is good to know that Kindle actually has its own meat mincer solutions in the shape of a similar services on Kindle Direct Publishing's website. Amazons free tool to turn your Word/Pages/OpenOffice documents into a Mobi-files.

So if your text is a plain text file, KDP might be the ideal choice. But if your textbook is complicated, you may be compelled to look elsewhere. It is a free on-line resource that lets you build e-books from the ground up. It is a WordPress-powered free on-line app that allows you to easily build e-books at the touch of a mouse.

You can create epubs using many different types of file creation tools, some for free and some for a fee. You' ll need a better grasp of Epub designs and HTML and CSS skills. That said, if you are considering to produce a multitude of ebooks, then DIY can be a very evolutive option.

And the last possibility is to get someone to do the conversion for you. How we have learnt to create an email from the ground up is not an ordinary game. Costs vary widely according to the volume and level of detail of the work, but a number of $100 would be a good place to start an off.

Lastly, the booksheets. You' ll need a dust jacket for your album.

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