Best Ebook Platform

Best-of-breed ebook platform

An app for almost any platform. Which is the best eBook publication platform? Probably the actual response is what you want from the platform. Much of the printing business is devoted to advertising, and advertising, like desires, fantasies and magical things, is different for everyone. Anything that works for me may not work for you, or for Rakuten Kobo, but not for Barnes & Noble.

When you' re looking for a low-cost, simple way to build and share your e-books in as many places as possible, you probably want to work with it. When you *some* formats can be done by yourself, or a slightly slower learn curves doesn't bother you, Smashwords can take you a little further.

When you want to capture the greater part of the remainder of the global population, raken kobo is a good place to think (and one of the more friendly interface). When you have a Mac computer, you can make iBooks, but you must use Mac hardware/software to get there - or use Draft2Digital or Smashwords.

When you want only US distributor, and the . 0001% shoot into the bricks and mortars save, then you can fool around with Barnes & Noble. Draft2Digital or Smashwords' benefit for sales is that you get your sales /"royalties" all from the same place/payed.

But the downside is that you typically make 10 to 30% less money with the merchants you supply. It also calculates a charge for the upload and a charge for making adjustments, and, like the others, it will take a bit of a sniff.

Also, it won't help you to make an eBook (unless you are paying $$$$$ for help). Most of these places have additional buried expenses and often generate below-average work. When you need help making an ebook, Draft2Digital is the cheapest, simplest way I know of. When you only want to share one place for you and don't want to spend it, Smashwords is the right way to reach a few more places than D2D.

I personally recommend that you take the initiative to create a proper e-book that can work with E2D and then take the initiative to create an account with each of the main people. Yeah, it will only bring you a little more here and there, but if you take the little amount of free moment to find out what you're doing, that little something in your bag here and there won't be much and that little something in your bag will buy you it.

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