Best Digital Book Publishers

The best digital book publishers

The Booktango is a free e-book publisher that provides authors with the necessary tools to publish formatted e-books and distribute them to all major e-book stores. What is your best description of e-books? The Booktango is the latest e-book publishing innovation from Author Solutions - the world leader in indie book publishing. The majority of small publishers and authors will use the NOOK press service to sell their eBooks in the B&N Store. Here's a good explanation from Digital Book World.

Top 20 Sites To Offer Your E-book

Today's technologies have made it possible to release a book without scouts for publishers who are willing to put your materials on the bookshelves. Described as self-publishing, this methodology is similar to that used for the print of a natural book, but without the cost of print and pen. When you have a book that is willing to be published, all you have to do is subscribe up with e-book publishers and you get yourself a good point of departure.

However, with the apparently never-ending listing of publishers appearing in your results, the next problem is: which sites should be selling your e-book? Some of the best ways to sale your book is by launching an affiliate program. What is the best way to do this? There is an Affiliate Programme to help you get other marketing professionals to help you yours your book.

Some of the other 20 best policies for promoting and selling your book are below. The Booktango is a free e-book publishers that provides authors with the necessary tool to publish and distribute formated e-books to all large e-book stores. Registred authors can post their manuscripts on the site, work on them for the desired formats and then share them with various e-book stores such as Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Nook.

As soon as a book is released, Booktango makes the book available to the big e-book web traders. Booktango publishers get 100 per cent of every buck they sell through the e-publisher's bookshop and get 100 per cent of the net license fees for selling a book through the company's on-line trading partner. The NOOK Press is an on-line self-publishing website for independant publishers and contributors.

Allows authors to create new manuscripts, process and reformat their manuscripts in one place. This is a free self-publication facility, which does not require any shipping or manufacturing charges and can be used free of charges from beginning to end. Authors are eligible for a royalty of 40% to 65%, according to how much the writer wants to calculate for an e-book.

Swashwords, the biggest independent e-book distribution company, releases, markets and resells multi-format e-books. This allows authors to post their work on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Oyster and Aldiko. It provides a variety of functions including free ISBNs, e-book converting, unrestricted updating of your uploads, and unique sales and merchandising capabilities.

Once they have registered for free, they will be able to access a stylesheet containing guidelines for how to use them. As soon as the reformatting is complete, the e-book can already be released. Author can make 60% of listings at large retail stores and up to 80% in the Smashwords shop. 4 ) EboookIt! offers innumerable publishers and publishers the opportunity to create, share, promote and share e-books with key retail outlets such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony and Ingram.

Registered members must include the converted files, submit their materials and artwork, provide essential ebook detail, and then purchase $149 per track as a one-time format, converting, and distributing charge. Licence fees per sales range from 50% to 80%.

The ClickBank platform is a digital creation selling tool for digital creators. ClickBank's e-commerce system allows content creators to take full benefit of the benefits of round-the-clock automatic payments process. Registration is $49.95, while license fees per copy are 50% to 90%. iUniverse is a self-publisher that can help publishers fulfill their desire to become publishers. iUniverse provides a variety of advanced features that can be found in any conventional group.

This includes editing, designing, producing and promoting. iUniverse also provides various book sizes to meet the authors' needs. The Lulu is a self-publishing, print and distribute services with a wide range of networks that enable authors to appeal to more people. Authors maintain full copyrights and full creativeness, set their own prices and keep up to 90% of their profit on every sale of an e-book.

Authors have the option of receiving professional support in the creation of the covers, editorial work, formats, as well as in the areas of advertising and publication. Lulu's license fee per sales is 90%. BLUR is a self-publishing website that allows authors to author, post, promote, distribute and distribute their own e-books. It offers free of charge desktop or Mac based softwares and an on-line e-book-reator.

On the site has on-line processing utilities that help publishers to create a graphically rich e-book for the iPad, charging $9. 99 for each created e-book. BLUR also offers free on-line merchandising features to help you. Ebooks keep 80% of their distribution costs. The Tradebit website is a plattform that allows consumers to promote and distribute digital publishing services such as e-books, audio and images.

Featuring 10 Gigabyte of memory, it allows publishers to share and share data. Tradebit can supply the props and props needed by publishers and publishers to bring their e-books to the people. It also provides state-of-the-art author management software to increase the scope of their work.

License fee per eBooks sold is $70 to $85. Author House is a UK-based publisher that provides authors with a wide range of utilities and support to help them make their own decisions, keep copyright, keep editing oversight and select the exact service that fits a client's objectives.

Prices for e-book publications begin at £299. The authors gain better oversight of their work through the company's unique self-publishing processes, from editorial and proof-reading to frontispatch. is a self-publisher with worldwide sales via Amazon, Sony, Books-a-Million and Barnes & Noble. They also offer e-book publication in various file types.

A one-off set-up charge of $349 converts an raw script into an e-book with the latest e-publishing conventions. Ebook converting involves sizing, creating inside pages, and creating user-defined colour covers. You can convert your book into an e-book template for a one-time set-up price of $199 per work.

Authors receive a 70% license fee on all net e-book purchases. The Payloadz system provides a safe e-commerce experience for people who want to shop on-line. This is also helping authors and publishers to publish their works on-line. Authors have a 95% license fee per copy.

Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing is a free and easy way for contributors to share their e-books around the world and keep complete oversight of their work. With Kindle Direct Publishing, this on-line publishing house enables the author to sell his work on his own in the Amazon Kindle Store. Author have full mastery of their work and can use multilingualism.

Publication time is less than 5 min and e-books can be made available on Kindle equipment and free Kindle apps. The license fee per sales is up to 70%. The InstantPublisher is a full-service self-publisher that supports writers in their work. As a Fundcraft Publishers affiliate, InstantPublisher also produces e-books that can be viewed on various kinds of e-readers such as Kindle, iPad and iPhone.

There are two licensing options offered by InstantPublisher, the annual listing plan ($50 per year), which can be listed on both Amazon and Apple, and the Per Book Plan (10% of your license fees), which allows the publisher to choose which ebook options are most suitable. WASTFLAND PRESS is a self-publishing organisation that provides authors with a variety of publication schedules, including: on-line sales through and/or, up to 25 megabytes ( "MB") of colour images throughout the e-book, free book formats and a 70% license on all funds Wasteland Press receives for selling the e-book.

We offer the following publisher's plans: Hundred-dollar Kindle Index - $200; Nook Index - $150; and eSupreme Index (e-Books available from both Nook and Kindle) - $345. The Wasteland Press provides a pricing margin for the e-book that helps the writer to set the pricing. Once an e-book schedule has been paid for, it takes 24 to 72 working days to turn a printed book into e-book size.

After conversion, it will take another 24 to 48 hrs until the e-book is available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Cobo Writing Life is a self-publishing plattform that allows publishers to distribute their own digital contents in more than 160 different nationalities. With Kobo Writing Life, contributors can perform a number of roles such as publicizing their work, pricing and tracking selling.

Publication takes 5 steps: description of the e-book, addition of e-book contents, selection of contents permissions, pricing and publication. As soon as the e-book is released, it will be available to Kobo clients around the globe or at places chosen by the author. You can find the book more easily by using the following headings.

The license fees per sales are between 70% and 80%. MYEOOK enables the user to author, post and exchange digital contents on-line. With this free of charge feature, visitors can post their e-books in a one-touch interface and embedded link and video, sound, document and image to make e-books fully interact.

As soon as the e-book is ready, it can be made public or private and can be configured to allow the reader or viewer to comment or distribute the work. Once released, the e-book is added to the site libraries, where it can be embeded in community or other locations.

CreatingSpace is a self-publishing website that provides free authoring software to help you publish your e-book and share it with your favorite shops like Amazon and Kindle. As a member of the Amazon group of businesses, CreateSpace provides free and simple utilities such as Interior Reviewer, Cover Creator, Preview and Image Gallery to help publishers in all facets of e-book publication.

The licensing system is scalable to give the author full power. PAYSHIP is an e-commerce site that allows publishers to directly distribute e-books to their Facebook enthusiasts and Tweeters or their website via an e-book page hyperlink. This site offers a free and easy way to broker your e-book without losing your winnings.

The license fee per sales is 100%. BooksBaby is a self-publishing portal that disseminates digital material from freelance publishers and publishers and makes e-books available to all large digital merchants. BuchBaby has three publisher bundles from which publishers and contributors can select. This free bundle is free and will require an author to send in the definitive ePub files, which will be shared with trading affiliates such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

They will keep 85% of net revenue. A self-publisher enables e-book publishers to conclude the digital creation, conversion and publication of contents. In addition, the author usually retains full mastery of the design, editorial, publication and commercialization processes. In addition, the author usually retains all copyrights to self-published works.

Self-publication has enabled the authors in many ways, while at the same time allowing them the more traditional possibilities of releasing their materials if they choose to follow them.

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