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I have some creative non-fiction recommendations for you, whether you are a professional or just starting out. Non-fiction at the pulse of the times of writers on the threshold to recognition and fame. Suggested works by Creative Nonfiction for Sonya's CNF students. A creative article (also known as a literary article or narrative article) is a genre of writing that uses literary styles and techniques to create facts. Sincere is the best anthology out there for creative articles.

Surprisingly, 100 main works of modern creative non-fiction

Escsays, memoir, autobiographies, life stories, travelogues, histories, culture and natural science, natural literature - everything fits under the concept of creative non-fiction, and everyone is included here: a listing of 100 main works of creative non-fiction that have been released by UK and US authors in the last 80 years. You will find here some prestigious sections from our Scrapbook of Styles.

By Lee Gutkind >>

Non-fiction at the pulse of the times of authors on the threshold to appreciation and glory. Vanity Fair has named Lee Gutkind as the "godfather behind creative non-fiction". Together with the employees of his groundbreaking magazine Creative Nonfiction, he has published alternate books, Zines, Blogs, Podcasts, Literature Magazines and other often ignored books in quest of new vocabulary and creative imaginations.

"Rebecca Skloot's The Truth About Cops and Dogs" depicts a malicious bunch of feral hounds taking advantage of Manhattan's home-made cattle. The w00t Files" by Monica Wojcik for the fancy geeks crown comes directly from John McPhee's renowned Literature of Fact workshops in Princeton, a contact point for renowned young authors.

By Lee Gutkind >>

Register for the latest release e-mail each month. Please type in a correct e-mail adress. If you still ask: "What is a creative article", you will find the answers in this compilation of artistically designed, real story. Chosen by Lee Gutkind, the "godfather behind creative non-fiction", and the employees of Creative Nonfiction, these tales - from immersive writing to intense one-on-one essay - exemplify the might and full scope of the game.

Commemorating her uncle Moise's fondness for a four-letter words, Edwidge Danticat finds the real significance of the end of his career in his task of the world.

The best of 2017: Nonfiction - ENTROPY

We' re continuing our "Best of 2017" line of curatorship from the whole adult content management industry and present some of our favorites that have been selected by the various employees and the Enropy teams here, as well as nominees from our readership. Below is a selection of some of our most popular non-fiction from 2017.

Consisting of experimented essays by authors such as Hélène Cixous, Clarice Lispector and H.D., the author examines how a women who is always gender-specific can oppose being sealed up into a figure according to the standards of culture. The Chilean painter and writer Cecilia Vicuña's (b. 1948) art work, which begins and ends at the fringe of the oceans, is used as a moaning and romantic epistle to the North.

Hironobu Sakaguchi, as well as previously unreleased in-depth interviewing with the remainder of the developer group, Kohlers interweaves story and critique to explore one of the biggest and most ignored films in the film. Says publishers Rob Halpern and Robin Tremblay-McGaw in their introduction: "We are not interested in providing a'authoritative' New Narrative cannon, nor are we interested in solidifying an formal narrative of New Narrative.

Rather, we want to take this as an occasion to put New Narrative in the forefront as a motion that is still in the spotlight, a more or less instable subject that does not want to be'fixed', encoded or made into a restricted & restrictive listing of notables. Why New Narrative now?

Or: What is New Narrative about for our present time?

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