Best Children's Books

The best children's books

For the BEST children's books selected by a team of teachers and sorted by class, subject and reading level, click here. Both young readers and parents love our children's books. Nice pages about the best of the season. Vote for the books you thought every child should read, and the results are in. So many new children's books appearing every year, how can children learn to choose good books, and how can adults help them?

The 100 best children's books

Here is our 100 best books for kids of the last 100 years: the ultimative book catalogue you can find before the 14th century. By 2015, a panel of professionals had compiled this shortlist, divided into four ages, each with 25 tracks. Please have a look at our book review, divided by ages.

Have a look at our selection of the best books for 6-8 year old people in the last 100 years. Have a look at our selection of the best books for 12-14 year old from the last 100 years. We' ve also asked the country to choose their favorite top 10 from these 100 best books, and here is the final ranking: How many books have you been reading for kids 0-5 years old?

For 6-8 year olds, how many books have you been reading? For kids 9-11 years old, how many books have you been reading? What is the number of books you have been reading for kids 12 years and older?

The 100 best children's books of all times

This is the first of seven books about a roguish ape that is abducted by the man in the green head. For so many, it was a favorite of infancy and inspired a whole generations of illuminators - and a very bad one. By far the best Christmas books with an ultra-tangued Santa Claus.

This year' s Child's Plays edition is a printed manual with a hole in it. There are five of the classical portraits in France, among them the first one, The History of Babar. His enchanting tale about the behaviour of various wildlife is less well known as Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but more comical. And one of the many books Dr. Seuss has written since the 1940s.

" This is how this bizarre experience begins, already a contemporary classical. This may be overly intimate, but it's difficult to think of a collection without one of Donaldson's gripping rhymes. As Gravett`s Orange, Pear, Apple, Bear, this is an extraordinary author and illuminator for very youngsters. If you are older than five years, try Meerkat Mail.

It' a perfect sleep-inducing fairy tale. You' re gonna be reading these books so much, it's important to have more than one. This is one of the best books on the English language, from Themse and Hudson's The Ministry of Letterseries. Kerr's books about the Katze Mog are still powerful, but this independent tale is perhaps her most ingenious.

One of the other classical picture stories of the Ahlbergs like Peepo or Each Peach Pear Plum. Your most beautiful tale about Lily and her favorite toys. First in the show, in which the unruly Tim is stowed away on board of a steamboat in strong wind. It' a delightful tale about a picky mouth.

Although no doubt more renowned for her Charlie and Lola show, Lauren Child's re-telling of this classical fairytale is savagely ingenious. An ambitious story by the arthistorian up to the First World War, wrote in a tongue every kid can comprehend. Your words are still the most efficient way for a kid today to conceive the realities of the Holocaust.

Slender books accept a submissive, jukey sound, but the historic points that make them are serious. This is the war history of a young woman and her brothers who were evicted to Wales. Michael Morpurgo recreates the history of the cheeky doll from his own point of view, with beautiful sketches by Emma Chichester Clark.

Barney and Stig's history, who live in the stone pit at the foot of the gardens. Narnia boxes seem to be out of stock, so here's the first one in the show. Kate Saunders gave a touching tribute to E Nesbit's icon ic Five Children and It, which was placed brillantly in the foxholes.

In the first of the popular films that have been adopted for cinemas, kites are taught as domestic animals in a fictitious Japanese realm. The first episode of McKay's wonderful show about the Casson range was awarded the 2001 Whitbread Prize, but is still underestimated and underestimated. The wonderful Chrestomanci seasoned with Victoriana by Wynne Jones has a great influence - especially on J. K. Rowling.

The young Kaspar follows the non-violent guards of his town to keep the insurgents away. An enchanting classical ballett novel; once enchanted, a young readership can move on to the remainder of the Shoes-family. It' a fancy about a young orphaness Maria Merryweather.

The first in the show about Meg Murry and the quest for her lost dad. On the occasion of his fifteenth anniversary, this contemporary classical was reissued in a new hardcover issue. An Everyman's one-volume library version of the Trilogie. Peet's exceptional début as an interviewer between a sport journalist and the world's best goal keeper.

This new Oneworld issue is richly illuminated with works by Aldo Galli. An once-loved little maiden is deserted and impoverished; her principal gets angry and slaves her as a hungry maid at work. This is a timeless and stupid classical novel, the first novel in White's malicious Once and Future King serial.

This is a magic story about a restless and unpopular young woman named Mary Lennox, who finds a hidden backyard in her uncle's solitary hous. The three tales of the great chronist of farm cattle. It' great for reading to a kid before he goes to bed, or for young people to try it out for themselves. It' in the veins of Kipling's Just So Story--

Whilst Kipling omitted any reference to God, Ted Hughes' sleek and entertaining stories of the Divine Creator take him back into history. Alice's trip of dreams is still a classical one. "This beautiful issue, edited by Katherine Woods, contains the Saint-Exupéry doll. First in a serial that took place between the battles, at a times when kids were lurking in yachts and building their own warehouses - or at least we like to think so.

It is the first volume of the group. Ensure that you receive the 1997 issue with the Eileen A S Opera artwork and not the newer issue in which the text was updated. There is one schoolgirl who would love the books of the Chalet School - and for kids who want to follow a line they know and like, it's almost 60.

It is an uncommon new version with illustrations by David Roberts, as it hides a small detail on each page. It is the first tale about the man who can speak to pets, from 1920. Longer installment, The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, which won the Newbery Medal, is harder to get, especially if you're looking for a nice one.

It is a classical film about a big and skinny brothers - and the struggle between two belligerents. Again the first volume of the show, about the four nurses Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Well-known for her Moomins show, the writer is from Finland.

However, older kids will love this enchanting novel about a little woman and her grandma and the summers they spent together on a secluded isle.

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