Best Children's Book Publishers

The best children's book publishers

We are a leading publisher in the world of children's literature, from picture books and early chapter books to table books and colouring books. As Jennifer says: "In general, children's publishers choose an age group for which the book is intended and publish it accordingly, and if there is a crossover, it's all good. PW's Best Children's Literature 2015 Subcribers: To create your own personal area, click here. Members of PW "All Access" Site Licence have full and unrestricted acces to the contents of the PW website. For more information about PW's subscriptions please send an e-mail to: pw@pubservice.

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Children's book publisher - StoryBook Imprinting

The StoryBook Genius is one of the fastestgrowing children's book publishers in the state. It is our quest to combine the fast-paced, cutting-edge styles of a start-up with the narrative tradition of the best children's book publishers, resulting in brightly illuminated novels that broaden the mind, open the heart and arouse interest among people of all age groups.

Take Landon on the underground! Writer Diana Perez lives in New Jersey and loves to explore big towns in this lovely tale about a little boy's underway. Landon as he takes the underground to his favourite open-air exhibition and explores a whole new underground realm!

Landon Rides the Subway's artwork is truly a work of artwork, and the storyline is a beautiful storyline for any age! The book is a magic guidebook for little magicians in the class! Over time, Tiertotems have been invoked to lead us, to comfort us, to master a challenging circumstance, or simply to instruct us all to be one.

From A to C. Children are bombed with rapid publicity campaigning, commercially exploited pictures of what we are taught seems to be a success, and messages that provoke fear and can be scary. It is a guidebook from A to D that enables young people to get away from the hustle and bustle of society and re-connect with themselves and the outdoors.

An A to B leader who promotes miracles, positive and self-confidence in kids. Stardust is on a quest to awaken a passion for the sciences and a feeling of wonder at the world. Stardust Sciences is a book collection offering well-founded research and nice pictures for readership and young people. The Stardust Explores the Solar System begins with the Big Bang, explaining the origin of the sun and the planet and taking kids on an enthralling journey through our solar system!

Verified by Dr. Eric Meikle, former head of the education project at the National Center for Science Education, to make sure that Stardust Science is in line with the latest scholars. Lean back and admire this wonderfully illuminated book that will take you on an astonishing trip through our sun system! However, Iris, his brave best girlfriend, succeeds in bringing him to the annual one!

Flower Only (No Weeds Allowed) teaches kids to appreciate the beauties of personality, variety and fellowship. The work of Barry Goldberg, whose extensive work encompasses Sesame Street Beginnings, Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, The Fairly Odd Parents and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, to name but a few. The StoryBook Genius is an independant children's book publishing company devoted to the illustration children's bookstore.

We believe that everyone is a mastermind. With brilliant illustrations, we release children's novels that widen the mind, arouse interest and open the heart for the up-and-coming and self-confident early read. We' all have a tale to tell.... do it StoryBook genius! We are proud to have an astonishing global staff of illustrations, design and editorial staff to make our authors' works come to live.

With funny and exciting tales, supplemented by astonishing illustration, our textbooks help a child's personal growth, social-emotional growth and academical developmen. All of our products are made to be read by people of all age groups, girls, children and adults reading to the kid-eliminating the need for paperbacks, hardcovers, eBooks and multimedia-format.

This is the benefit of digitally on-demand print, which is normally only available to large publishers. The StoryBook Genius eBooks are available in the latest Apple iBook, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Kobo eBook format. All of our beautifully designed eBooks are equipped with the latest technology such as read-a-long, narrative and animated music.

The StoryBook Book is sold to more than ten thousand retail outlets, distributors, galleries, libraries as well as educational institutions in the U.S. and around the world.

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