Best Children's Book Agents

The best children's book agents

RAFE is an agent with the Andrea Brown Lit Agency. He' an agent at Paradigm. and Goderich Literary Management. When you write a diverse book, look at the list below. While this list is for reference only and is not a recommendation, I am doing my best to list quality agents.

Weaved with Pixie Dust....: Picturebook agents

Please find below a listing of those agencies that have accepted textbook author. When you don't see an agency that you know is representing image albums, you can suggest it to me. I also made them enumerate textbooks as something they are representing - many editors don't want to enumerate textbook writers who aren't graphic artists, because we have to split our emoluments with an graphic designer, so it's not very profitable for them.

and I' m not supporting every one of these operatives in person. Please ask yourself the following before interviewing any of these agents: Have you got at least three published textbook scripts? Do you have a novel for teenagers or intermediate school children that can be published in parallel to your work?

When you say no to these issues, you may want to be added directly to this mailing lists before submitting a request, or you may get a number of denials in your mailbox. Picture-book agents: ABLA: Please notice - you can only ask one of the agents at this office for a script - as soon as you get a refusal, it will be refused by everyone, so vote sage!

Selected Agents at the Agent and Editorial Conference 2018

Representatives of renowned Frahlinguren will be represented at the A&E Conference 2018. Please click on the name of the agent to learn more about it. JABberwocky Literature Company, Inc. They represent young adults and adults as well as selected non-fiction books. For adults, Tess is interested in female literature, mysteries/thrillers and Romantic.

She specializes in popular music, economics, cookery books, humour, biographies, self-help and music. Besides her agency roles, Tess is also Social Media Director at Curtis Brown. here. Afterwards she worked in the international law division at WME, followed by two years with Frahlingur Elizabeth Kaplan.

She' s looking for literature (mostly mature, but open to young adults and intermediate classes), both in literature and commerce. She searches for articles in non-fiction, as well as unusual memoirs, popular art and social studies. Before becoming an agency, she was Executive Editor at HarperCollins Children's and Children's Reviews Editors at Library Journal's Críticas, among others.

The company has done editing work for both children's and adults' publishing houses and is a specialist in translation. As far as kids are concerned, she is an advocate of literature and narratives as well as writing/illustration. For adults, she looks for storybooks and popular cultural books that have been authored on rock-solid forums. She is interested in working with dedicated story tellers, memoirs that reveal the variety of personal experiences, and non-fiction book composers who are specialists in their area.

Mr. Goldsmith began his professional development in the field of publication in 2012 at Lowenstein Associates, where he was appointed Associate Agent in March 2013. Born in early 2014, he became a Fuse Literary agent in November 2015. Before entering the book business, he worked as a full-time trainee and tutor in the Abrams Artists Agency's corporate movie and TV team.

His passion is story telling across all types of mediums as a means of achieving societal advancement and a master's degree in journalism from the New School for Public Engagement. She completed an internship with children's books spokeswoman Brenda Bowen at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates as a student and worked there as a literature aide.

Soon she began to represent her own storybooks, medium-sized, young adults and grown-up novels with a particular interest in women's empowerment, familial relations and the experiences of immigrants, and worked further on such novels at Janklow & Nesbit. Sara Levitt is the representative of celebrated critics of literature and non-fiction authors. She is most interested in narratives in the fields of folk studies, great stories, humour, pop art, memoirs and reports, in additon to voice-controlled fictions with a daring storyline and refreshing, inventive personalities.

She is enthusiastic about powerful feminine and under-represented parts, the odd and spectacular and projects that stimulate culture, whether in the field of literature or not. She has been with The Wylie Agency since 2009. Specialized in literature and narratives, she is particularly interested in reporting, historical, biographical, scientific, sport studies, art and culture critic.

They also represent the authors' bequests. She concentrates on fictional literature and voice-controlled non-fiction. Having studied cinematic criticism and sociology at the NYU, Dana began her literature careers as an intern at the Book Group in 2012 and began to build her own book in 2015. She' s interested in mature and YA fantasy that seems unexpected and perpetual and intelligent storytelling about popular art, societal questions and discerning theories.

Since 2002 he has worked as an agency at The Spieler Agency and Dystel, Goderich and Bourret before founding Myers Literary Management. Specialized in YA, Middle Grade, Historical and Thriller titles and most non-fiction titles, include memoirs that provide a powerful stage. She celebrates her 11th year at Prospect Agency, where she has represented both writers and graphic designers in everything from storybooks to YAs.

Prior to that, she worked for eight years at HarperCollins Children's Booking and uses her editing abilities to help her customers get their work ready for submissions. is in Hoboken, New Jersey, with her man and two small kids. Whilst her interests are diverse, Sharon is mainly looking for sophisticated literature, among them unexpectedly exciting literature, clever, comprehensive women's literature and cordial, memorable Buchclub-faiction.

In the non-fiction section, Sharon is keen for convincing, violent storytelling articles from reporters and professionals and emerging voice with a burgeoning voice that can talk about popular art, women's literature, sport, community equity and/or theology. Two years of studying and supporting two local operatives before being appointed Audio Manager and then a commercial broker in Trident's Foreign Rights Department.

Her interests include all female literature, literatures and books of non-fiction. Recently came to Regal Hoffmann & Associates, a fashion retailer representing top class literature, storytelling non-fiction, life, poetry, journalism, political and socio-economic development. Previously she worked for Denise Shannon Literature Agent and Barbara Lowenstein Associates. She is interested in fictional literature that experimented with forms and spoke with the contemporary culture, historic clichés, global stories and vibrant storylines that span them all.

She searches in non-fiction for narrations that are aware of society and politics, especially those that deal in an open way with the culture of sex, races and classes, but also with folklore, biographies, cultural theories and memoirs. He has a broad range of interests, his passion is profound, and the works he advocates are wide-ranging: storytelling non-fiction, memoirs, sciences and engineering, story, social topics, sport, the wildlife world, literature, sophisticated and more.

JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. Sue is an associate of Eddie Schneider and Joshua Bilmes and heads the sound department at JABberwocky Literary. She is interested in memoir, popular art and story in non-fiction. She searches in sci-fi and fantasy for a world she can immerse herself in and for tales that investigate what mankind is - or could be.

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