Best Children's Authors

The best children's authors

Eric Carle's very hungry caterpillar children's books The best children's authors. Select from bestsellers and authors, from Julia Donaldson to John Green. The best illustrated children's book, prepare yourself for a journey like no other. Dr. Seuss is one of the most influential children's authors of all time.

Paula Harrison, Autorin von Robyn Silver, Red Moon Rising und The Rescue Princesses.

Who' re the best children' s authors? civilization

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Populairste Autoren - What Kid's Are Reading 2018

Kinney is still the most beloved writer with an elevated number of references (60). The second-placed David Walliams maintains his 31 previous year's citations. He is ranked fourth, although his references have dropped to 20 (from 23 last year). July Donaldson is still in fifth place and now refers to a grand total of 14 (one more than last year).

And Francesca Simon remains in sixth place, although her references have decreased by one. In number 7, J.K. Rowling shows a recurrence with three references, together with Martin Waddell, who had three references in the last year.

Bestselling writer Oliver Jeffers tells your youngsters the mystery of telling the game.

Type in Oliver jeffers, the writer and performer from north ireland who has written more than 10 million children's literature.... so he knows a thing or two about how to get to them. Attempting to tell his two-year-old boy Harland the truth about the planet, Jeffers' new volume "Here We Are - Notes für Living on Planet Earth.

That' s why he was the ideal host for First Time Dads, the podcasts for new dads moderated by Daily Mirror reporters Richard Innes and Steve Myall. Hear the story here where Jeffers tells the mystery of a powerful conversation with your boy or daughter: Jeffers, whose other award-winning novels are "How to Watch a Star" and "Lost and Found", tells in the panel discussion what he thinks is the secrets of his childrens work.

"is that I don't try to speak to kids. "It is the first one I have ever done for anyone but myself - all the other tales were just my attempt to amuse myself! "C. S. Lewis always said whoever writes down kids is a waste of my years.

This is where we, whom he calls "an absolutely beginner leader to life on the planet", actually began with a note to his Harland boy. "But I didn't really know it was going to be a book," he states. "First I wrote him a single note. And then I realized that the note wasn't just for him, it was for myself.

"It is an interesting thing to explain how it works to someone who has no predisposition or expectation, even as an excercise for himself. "but when I ruined it, I explained it to myself as well as to him.

"This is the idea of the book."

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