Best Books for Book Reports

The best books for book reports

Find out if you are interested in one of these short descriptions and choose the one you like best. Discover the selection of our editors for the best children's books of the month. Students should be able to express their creativity and understanding of the book as well as possible. The best books to help young readers escape. He hears that her best friend Frannie has died.

20 best books out of 200 pages

We' ll say we'll be reading Les Miserables and then we'll think,'What am I, crazy?' and we'll just have a seat and end the piece of bread we've been sniffing around. Fortunately, the authors know that some folks will never get to time. So, they gave us these books.

They' re brief, but they could transform your whole lifestyle - on less than 200 pages. Except it's a fast reader, like the Americans. It'?s the timemachine, by H.G. Wells. It was this history of the father of science fiction that gave us not only the concepts of "time machine" and "time traveller", but also Morlock-induced fear.

As a child, if you have not been reading this book, you have been missing one of the most sad times in children's literature: the deaths of the intellect, of which I cannot talk without being suffocated. That pearl, by John Steinbeck. This is the awesome continuation of LeGuin's iconic A Wayfinder of Earthsea, a book that creates a imaginative universe to tell the intimate tale of a trapped sorcerer and a damned one.

Apocalypse Now-and King Kong was the inspiration for this psyche work. OK, that's not a book, but I can't help but take in this amazing piece that investigates how easy it is to eat away anxiety and awe. Connell's famed comic about a man who is washed up on an isle where he is chased like an beast is also the author's eeriest.

It' a Christmas song by Charles Dickens. Alternating scary and heart-warming, Charles Dickens' work is probably the best Christmas tale of all time - next to Bad Santa. Oh, surviving fantasy. I' ve such a love-hate affair with you, but I must confess that this work is a masterwork. The book contains all the items I like about the survivual movie scene, without too many animal-catching szenes.

Mice and people, John Steinbeck. There' s a good reasons why John Steinbeck is twice the only writer on this shortlist; the bloke does his best to tell stories when he gets a raw deal. Yes, many children's books are under 200 pages, but Alice is a masterwork for all years. Loving it or hating it, this book is a must and it is hardly over 100 pages, so do it.

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